Glossary of new and interesting words and phrases

(Justin Brown) #1

On a recent post @BillAmes suggested we put together a glossary of words and phrases being used on Ideapod.

I think it’s a great idea. How about we get started by replying to this topic.

If there’s a word or phrase you come across and aren’t sure of the meaning, share it here. Then let’s reply to each other with definitions or discussions on the meaning of those words.

You could share words you simply haven’t seen before and don’t know what they mean. Or you could use words we use in everyday language but you would like a more compre

Liminality: The place that exists between light and dark, between black and white, between understanding and not knowing.

Also from a click on Liminality I see: The state or quality of ambiguity which exists in the middle stage of certain events or rituals (such as a rite of passage or a society-wide revolution), during which the participating individual or group no longer holds its pre-ritual status but has not yet attained the status it will hold when the ritual has been completed.

Cyber-tribe: A community linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture, dialect and purpose, communicating primarily through the internet.

Media network: A means of broadcasting or publishing through a group or system of interconnected people or things.

Note: Anyone can edit this post and add definitions. Just click the “edit” button to the bottom right.

(Mark's Myth) #2

Well I guess it seems fitting that I heard this call considering #wordplay was one of the first hashtags series I inserted into Ideapod Beta back in 2014.

(Bill Ames) #3

technium - from “The Love of Languages”. There was another word I had in an open tab for a day but I closed it. You use the word “Salons” and I did some research, the results were partially motivated my suggestion.
There is a famous quote from the movie Princess Bride, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” and to me it is good advice. I have found myself using words that were not what I thought they meant. Worse yet, using the wrong word because the word I tried to use I misspelled it but that was the correct spelling for a different word. I will try to always use the best word. xD

(Mark's Myth) #4

@BillAmes I wonder what you made of the word #liminiality upon discovering it in the context used and looking it up?

PS @justinbrown this reminds me of the company formed by two Idapod Beta users who met through deep conversations but didn’t know each other then ended up forming a company together called LIMINAL VR.

(Justin Brown) #5

I just made the post a wiki. Therefore, once we arrive at a definition of a word in the discussion, anyone can go and edit my original post opening the topic and add the definition.

(Justin Brown) #6

I just added a definition of “liminality” as I understand it. If someone arrives at a more clear definition, please update it.

I think it’s a great exercise to start to define terms. Often we get into disagreements because we’re actually talking about different things.

(Mark's Myth) #7

Yup… my #wordplay again as that was my poem…

Here is Kevin Kelly explaining his use of the word #technium

(Bill Ames) #8

When I see a word that I must look up and see that it is not just a normal word that should be in my vocabulary, something I could use, but find it is really specialized I wonder why the word was used and would a different word or words have been more appropriate. I am a person that reads words as written, if something that is written includes a different understanding by the author I just experience what the words say. If I am looking at a side bar or title or label and see a word that does not work I probably just move on. If you want to engage me then write like Tolkien or better. If you have a message then make it an enjoyable read. The “you” here is the general group of authors here on Ideapod. :grinning:

(Mark's Myth) #9

This would be the perfect time and place to introduce…

To comprehend or to not comprehend, that is the question… well actually it might be the answer

(Bill Ames) #10

I really need a dictionary type of explanation. What part of speech is it? The word “#technium” or “The Technium”, examples of using the word are helpful. The video is not helpful as it implies it is a word that means more than one thing. When you see a word you must get some meaning from it, if it has no useful meaning it is not a useful word.

(Bill Ames) #11

Making a post a wiki? I know what a wiki is but how to know what here on Ideapod are wiki?

(Mark's Myth) #12

I think I’ll let Kevin Kelly share his ideas on the meaning of “technium” as he has written much about it.

@BillAmes I think you will like his concepts…

(Justin Brown) #13

You should see that “edit” button at the top. Making something a wiki means that we can collaboratively create it together. So you can edit my original post at the top to add definitions of words.

@BillAmes perhaps you could define “technium” after reading about it? It’s a word that’s used regularly by proponents of “the singularity”. Haha I suppose we should define “singularity” as well :slight_smile:

(Bill Ames) #14

I see a reference made to “7TH KINGDOM OF LIFE”, never heard of it or the first 6. Seems to be a made up thing as well as “technium”. I enjoy science-based articles but usually wait for the science to be part of some specific branch and to have coverage. What areas of science does Mr. Kelly work in? Is it really something like religion? Confusing to me.

(Mark's Myth) #15

@BillAmes Kevin Kelly is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, and a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review. He has been writing about the sciences and technology for years which is why you might enjoy reading his words and immersing yourself in his ideas as he may may inspire your creative juices if you dig in.

Here are some his articles from Wired magazine…

(Bill Ames) #16

I checked the link and all I saw was a long list of click-bait.

I get my information from sources like these…

or youtube videos such as these

I must be selective in my sources as a lot on the web is targeting non-technical audience so as to increase ad revenue, there are more of that pool.

(Bill Ames) #17

Definition please:


media network