God is the title of this idea

(ACD) #1

A god that can be understood is no god.

Somerset Maugham

(Bill Ames) #2

Fortunately we have all spoken to God as the universe was being built.

(ACD) #3

Please explain in simple terms.

(Bill Ames) #4

If you were going to build something you would have plans that you knew would work. When building a universe you need to establish the values of all the constants and quantity of material with which to start. To do this you would run simulations with all possible starting points, repeat with all possible but smallest changes in the initial values. Do this to see what you get over the nominal time the universe could exist. While doing this evaluate all possible paths the universe could take. The chosen initial values used are the current universe. During the evaluation for this path, all possible interactions between the designer and any entity will have been noted. Not only did you have a conversation but you had all possible conversations.

(ACD) #5

God the clockmaker. How about God the Father?

(Bill Ames) #6

That is a question you asked, did He give you an answer?

(ACD) #7

I am having this discussion with you about God.

(Bill Ames) #8

What would you like to know about Him?

(ACD) #9

Do you see a difference between your concept and the concept of God as father?

(Bill Ames) #10

In my life there was never any religion, to answer such a question I would look here:

I have no opinions on Religion or Politics. People with them seem to be arguing all the time. That is no fun so I just avoid it. I needed an explanation for how the universe originated for my writing so I figured it out, kind of obvious.

(ACD) #11

Why did you write? Fortunately we have all spoken to God as the universe was being built.

(Bill Ames) #12

My stories needed a beginning. That is the best beginning. And it made me feel good to have an opportunity to understand where God came from. Anyone reading my description will understand all have had this opportunity.

(ACD) #13

Does the concept of god mean anything to you apart from its use as a literary device?

(Bill Ames) #14

Responsible for the creation of the universe and all the rules in it. That is a lot. Responsible for establishing religions for a trillion times a trillion races in an infinite universe. I have not worked out how the afterlife is to be managed but it could be a big crowd. The aliens in my story do not die except by accident or choice so they need a religious foundation.

(ACD) #15

Are you saying that you see god as creator? If so, in the sense of a clockmaker or in the sense of a father, or neitber?

(Bill Ames) #16

God does all things that are the responsibility of God. These things may have names in the universe for these tasks but I do not know what they are. However I am sure God knows. It is unlikely we can see God in light of a human term. Human terms are not encompassing enough. I am comforted to know He exists based on the fact the universe exists. If the universe did not exist we would not be able to see His works.

(ACD) #17

A god that can be understood is no god?

(Bill Ames) #18

So, throughout history there are times that God has spoken to humans. Are you saying that the message could not have been understood or the message was not from God?

(ACD) #19

I have no knowledge of messages as such. I am acquainted with the concept of prophesy which may be conceptualized as messaging. Understanding god implies the ability to explain god.

(Bill Ames) #20

So Adam and Eve could explain God?