God is the title of this idea

(ACD) #21

I would say they were quite confounded, wouldn’t you?

(Bill Ames) #22

They did not understand and therefore had no responsibility for their subsequent actions. That complicates things.

(ACD) #23

They did not understand God but presumably understood the command.

(ACD) #24

I recommend a film called The Place which deals with all of this in a very subtle way. It is in Italian.

(Bill Ames) #25

I checked it out on wiki. This is a movie type I would never consider watching. I only watch science fiction and anime. I only watch movies that have situations and characters I enjoy seeing. Nothing depressing, heroes must win, happy endings. My stories follow the same rules.

(ACD) #26

So Star Trek, Star wars, Alien, etc.?

(Bill Ames) #27

Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, the CS Lewis and JRRT movies.

and a lot of anime. If you watch Netflix I can give you some titles.

(ACD) #28

I am not a netflix subscriber.

(Bob Copeland) #29

A god that can be understood is no god seems to me to mean that anything including god that is “understood” is not worth knowing. The Christian Bible says that we’re made in God’s “image” & if we define “image” broadly then the fun & games that we have in this universe pretty well tells it all. Inanimate objects in the heavens bash each other. We bash each other & call it competition. Plants, animals & various other living things including viruses & disease try to “eat” things & we engage in “wars” of various definitions & complexity to gain dominance. If you agree with my previous sentences in principle or otherwise it seems to me if you have a basic understanding of your environment you can mentally relax as far as “understanding” is concerned & deal with it instead of a lot of “Woe is me” since we have an understanding of the “facts”.