God's Creation. .

(Cecile Yap) #1

If God created only Man and Woman. . . Where does Lesbians and Gay’s come from and Why?

(Justin Brown) #2

I don’t understand the question. Can you provide some additional explanation on what you’re trying to ask?

(Bill Ames) #3

All that any person is can be attributed to the mind. The mind responds to the chemistry of the body and that is controlled by the DNA. A mind, as imperfect as anything, functions to a set of rules also provided by our DNA. The combination of all three can result in an infinite combination of experiences. What God created was a path to life in an environment (the world) that had an infinite number of decision paths. Humans of any identity is possible. Men and Woman are two possibilities. Lesbians and Gays are two more possibilities. Now you know the rest of the story.