Great thinkers reflecting on the human condition - who would you like to see more of on Ideapod?



I’d love to get your help!

On Ideapod, we regularly publish stories and ideas on various thinkers with interesting insights to offer on the human condition.

I would love to know which thinkers we’ve been writing about that you’d like to see more of.

Would you mind selecting some options below? If there is someone I haven’t mentioned that you’d like us to write about, please comment with their name below. If a few people share a :heart: on your comment, I’ll add that name to the poll.

You can make multiple selections. When you make a selection, it reveals who else has made that selection.

Thanks so much for your help! We’ll be closely monitoring the results of this poll.

  • Noam Chomsky
  • Krishnamurti
  • Ruda Iande
  • Alan Watts
  • Osho

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Leonard Susskind

Leonard Susskind is an American physicist, who is professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University, and founding director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics. His research interests include string theory, quantum field theory, quantum statistical mechanics and quantum cosmology. Wikipedia


Raymond Kurzweil is an American inventor, futurist and author. He is involved in fields such as optical character recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, electronic keyboard instruments and artificial intelligence. He is also interested in the fields biotech, human longevity and singularity.


I would like to see the vote totals. There is a problem; it seems I must vote for a person I have no desire to promote so I can see the vote. I did enter in a reply a name I wished to hear from, so I did, sort of, vote. But that did not unlock the vault where the votes are being counted. A checkbox of “none of the above” would provide better quality for the poll results. IMO.


I should have added that check box from the beginning. I’ve just tried to edit the poll but have found that it removes all of the votes when I do. So we’ll have to stick with this imperfect poll now and people can suggest additional names in the comments.


Charles Eisenstein
Daniel Christen Wahl
Nora Bateson


Richard Feynman
Jordan Peterson


I also think it would be good to include articles on Eckhart Tolle who I believe is one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our times.


We’ve covered some of these thinkers:

The thinkers mentioned above that haven’t been covered yet are Daniel Christen Wahl, Nora Bateson and Leonard Susskind. If anyone would like to contribute articles, please do so.


@justinbrown Let’s also add Joanna Macy. She has been an activist on many fronts for the last 50 years. Her clarity of thought and articulation of the essence of presence rings true. The topics she covers weave together a #senseof wholeness, wonder and sets the tone for The New Story. And hey… we share our birthdays on the same day I just discovered :wink:


I would love to see more about Thai Chi masters.


I would like to see the menu, issue based and not hero based and let the different thinkers chime in.
For example,
What is the meaning of life ?
What is the purpose of religion?
What is science?
What is individual responsibility vs collective responsibility ?
Why do we need the universe to have a beginning and a measurable end ?
If I travel the speed of light, what happens when I turn on the headlights ?
What are the chemical payoffs of thought and do they curtail thought outcomes ?
What is life ?
What is money ?
What happens when robotics takes all jobs, and what exactly is the point of relative efficiency?
What is Socialism anyways?
What is Captitalism?


How about, what do the aliens think of us? You know, the old advanced space faring beings that flit around the universe? I write about them daily. However, I can only tell my audience what these beings would think of us, it would be refreshing to know their real opinions. I am sure that most of the questions in your list have answers in their society, and it may be impossible for us to understand these answers as we lack the knowledge of the universe that is necessary to do so. I could give you answers to most but you would probably not appreciate the. For example, “What is Money?”, a more convenient form of a bag of chickens and a basket of carrots. See, I knew you would not like it. xD


I think the only currency is trust.


Like when you buy on credit?


That would be another example of trust yes.


But I do not believe the CC companies accept fruits and vegetables and bags of chickens. So my definition is more basic than “trust.”


They trust that we will reciprocate value for value.


I suspect that aliens would have contempt for us if they have contempt for themselves because the self cannot be separated from the universe (environment) .
The coolest line comes to mind " nothing human is alien to me " . I forget who said it but it is so powerful, that one can assume responsibility for all atrocity .


So, I should only trust the government to give me no more than I paid in in SS?
You should trust the seller that what you bought has a value equal to what you paid?

In the not too distant future when we have AIs that can accurately put values on anything we can do away with money and deal in electronic “trust units.”

One more thing: Sports figures should only earn based on performance. No more big contracts.