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We can try to expect it presupposing we live to the age.
Overall I think most don’t and if they keep burrowing from SS for war with no intention to repay then we lose trust.


Do you feel contempt for a house fly? My aliens do not die unless they choose to. They have technology that enables them to sleep for a billion years if they are waiting for a planet to form or need to travel across the universe. They make their environment whatever they wish it to be. They are truly different than us.


The AI will not allow war as it is not a useful tool.


That is a very interesting sentence.


I suspect no value can come from Ai that can reciprocate value lost in it’s inception.


The compelling force is that our potential is always out in front of us like a golden snitch. If we hand our nimbus 2000 over to Ai, then we may not be living our potential but merely existing in their potential. I suspect life must be more than existence and relative convenience. It must be us struggling with the fabric it must contain mysteries and it cannot become Utopia because Utopia implies destination or end.


Wait, so my 5 billion year old alien race that has pretty much figured out the physical universe and is using it as a playground while it waits for a divine being to show up and explain the rest (as it will stick around until all the stars a balls of cold dark stuff) and then ask the question, “Well, now what?”

Now, it is true that they are not alone, it works out to just one of these civilizations per galaxy, but there are trillions x trillions of galaxies so a lot of notes will be compared.


@Csmith these are great questions. I’m going to add some of them to our content spreadsheet. We’ll likely get to writing articles about these in the coming months.


Our current monetary system is based on Fiat. The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air through their quantitative easing, pumping the economy with cash made out of thin air. Since we have departed from gold standard of Bretton Woods, and transitioned to Fiat, the printing of money is in the hands of the Central Banks of the world and this can lead to disastrous events such as what happened to Venezuela. Their paper money is literally useless.


I’ve been studying your replies lately, and I could sense your all knowing sarcasm against money. You cannot escape money. And I don’t think you believe in God or afterlife, to ever care to give to charity. I don’t know if it’s American selfishness. Or just plain know it all wiseguy mentality. If you want to go back to barter trade, then go live in the Amazon rainforest with primitive tribes and continue your belief with Ancient Aliens.


It is not what you believe that counts, it is what is that counts. I have nothing against money, an afterlife is necessary to give a reason for the universe to exist. My “ancient aliens” are my creation, hopefully some of the real ones may read my work and thank me for sharing their universe. I know hardly anything in the great scheme of things but I fill the gaps with my imagination. Finding others who can follow my ideas is difficult. Share your ideas, I will listen.