Greetings from R. Bretminster Fullofit, Your Friendly Neighborhood Cryptopoet and Seer


(R. Bretminster Fullofit) #1

Hello my new friends and familiar faces, it’s good to be here with you.

In short, I am a being who is now, at age 44, blooming into my fuller self as an artist, seer and all around renaissance man. I have intentions to co-create innovations and artwork that are far beyond disruptive – they are ‘tools for change’ and they are and will be magickal in the sense of (A)rthur C. ©larke’s 3rd law.

I am part of a community and co-creative network for spirit-motivated social action through the research, design, development and embodiment of advanced technologies.

You can learn more about me at this document if you like:

While I have many endeavors and intentions weaving together-- my Earthly mission revolves around ‘Spiritual Philanthropy’ which is, in essence, a rebirthing and renaissance of philanthropy as the foundational paradigm for how we share our endless possibilities, resources and gifts in service to whole systems design and application for a more beautiful world.

Message me anytime to connect.