Greetings from Valorie

(Valorie Rivero) #1

Am going through several major life transitions at once, which sometimes feels like living in a soap opera.

But I’m determined to come out of this a stronger person and am seeking inspiration and ideas to ponder.

(Bill Ames) #2

Are you the author of your own script or must you turn a page to see what comes next? Tell us about your story. Just doing that will give you much to ponder.

(Valorie Rivero) #3

For the last almost 18 years I’ve been co-author of a script with my husband. 3 months ago I learned he’d started a new one with someone else and we’re closing our book. I didn’t see it coming. At all. (There are more “fun” details but that’s the summary.)

So I’m turning a page, writing my own script, and trying to be a little stronger each day.

Physically stronger, mentally stronger, and more robust in my thinking. That last one is proving to be the hardest as I’m challenging old patterns that never really served me and sure as hell aren’t now.

But hey, I’ve also been sober for 465 days so I know I have strength of will in me. And haven’t even thought of a drink during this cesspool of a summer.

(Justin Brown) #4

Hi @Intrepid999, welcome! Thanks for sharing some of your story with us.

I hope that Ideapod is a place for you to find some resources to understand yourself better and also to connect with a community. This particularly sounds like a great goal:

It sounds like you’re already very mentally strong and robust in your thinking. Being sober for 465 days is quite an achievement and couldn’t happen without inner resolve.

(Valorie Rivero) #5

I appreciate the kind words.

What I’m working towards now is a fulfilling life for myself, by myself. Like many people, I bought into the idea that a full life meant a romantic partner had to be part of it, so I’ve been in and out of relationships since my teen years. Now that I’ve been married and fully lived up to my part of the vows, I’m removing myself from that cycle.

My new goal is “independence.”

Perhaps others can relate.

(Bill Ames) #6

This is not what it appears to be. When you are able to remove from your story all those footnotes of responsibilities and routine and habit you find the opportunities expand orders of magnitude. If you are not selective enough you may bind yourself to some book that looks attractive. It may be a cause, politics, religion, environment, diet, health or even a new job. You will find you have a stack of these books in your life and become some librarian responding to the needs of the other people in these books. I have found in my retirement that I have to be much more selective, I am looking for my creative part to grow. You may wish to consider writing your own book, something new that you can share with others. Be a catalyst, make good things happen. The world will help you do good things.

(Valorie Rivero) #7

What a thought-provoking response. Thank you for taking the time.