He Who Holds Opinions, Assassinates Truth


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The pathetic and hopelessly crippled human brain is afflicted with hundreds of different, foundational-level failures and defects of functionality. Right near the very top of this long list, we have the bizarre and unviable structure of opinion.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion.” “Hey, look, I’m not saying I’m right, but that’s my opinion, that’s all, it’s just my opinion!” “Come on Mikey, you’re a big boy, you can think about it and just develop your own opinion…”

Everywhere on planet earth today, the opinion is universally embraced, promoted, encouraged, celebrated as a basic and vital personal freedom, a privilege of consciousness, a natural right, and even more so, an individual obligation, as natural and as normal as breathing and eating.

Everyone must have opinions, this is a social, cultural, and governmental decree and demand. If you refuse to hold an opinion, you are decreed to be defective and stupid. Every child is taught, by his slaveowners, by the educational system of universal brainwashing, by the media, by the celebrity idols he is commanded by society to worship and emulate, that he must cultivate opinions, he must become addicted to the embrace of opinion.

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Hmm… The Taoist says " build walls, doors and windows into a room, yet only the space makes it useful ".
What choice does one have but to navigate in hubris,
Viewpoint becomes thought , thought creates opinion, opinion is belief in your thought. Faith resonates at a higher level than these, it is a foundational axiom.
Faith is the subconscious in agreement with the conscious level in real time.
Truth isn’t hidden, it’s just covered in false truths and alternative realities in hubris. Hubris is unavoidable,
But when we acknowledge it in real time, then at a fundamental level, it isn’t hubris anymore. It’s a cost of doing business.


@Csmith There is a choice, alebit not an easy one, a choice almost impossible for a human-born to successfully achieve. This choice is to both categorically reject and transcend your humanity. Become the owner of your brain, instead of allowing your brain to dictate your perceptions.

Viewpoint is a front-line prejudice of mind consciousness. Only if and after you successfully reject and transcend your humanity, does this become utterly clear and obvious. Along with the fact that viewpoint can be rejected. That thoughts can be born in absolute and limitless freedom, that the prejudice of environmentally induced and socially indoctrinated viewpoint need not infect and soil the Truth quest of a mind on fire, a mind in love with itself, a mind dwelling within the anarchistic, limitless spectrum of human transcendation.

All the things you attach to thought, are failures and dysfunctions of the mind: Viewpoint, opinion, belief, faith. You see them as organically attached to thinking, because you exist as slave to your programmed, indoctrinated, caged brain. Thought without freedom, this is the human experience of reality perception.

Read more of My Texts for a better understanding of freedom of mind.


I appreciate your viewpoint. I like to think of viewpoints as crystals in a kaleidoscope, in movement we see patterns changing and evolving. Once we say this is the truth label, we kill it and mount it’s head on our wall and it’s a frozen nothing. I like to allow the label and the potential of the non label to exist simultaneously in movement.


L’opinion a-t-elle nécessairement tort ?
En effet, l’opinion est un jugement non fondé, qui avance sans preuve, qui a toujours tort. Pourtant on interroge souvent l’opinion, on la sonde, on la mesure, lui reconnaissant, semble-t-il, une valeur.


@Csmith I understand what you are saying. You perceive the embrace of viewpoint as a gateway to change of mind, or the potential to change your mind. But one of the many human problems is that nothing can be understood, or perceived, accurately, thanks to the relentless and universal attacks upon mind consciousness undertaken by what I define as The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

This is the organized social, cultural, and governmental sabotage and demonization of all Truth quests, and it has been carried out on a universal level, everywhere on earth, throughout the history of the so-called modern era.

Your appreciation for the “quest”, rather than the actual discovery, recognition, and concrete embrace of Truth itself, reflects this sabotage of mind that every is created victim of. Further, all human viewpoints are inherently limited in scope, due to lifelong definitional and perceptive brainwashing and external propaganda and demonization/caging of the full mind spectrum of possibility.

Consciously rcognizing the cage itself is almost impossible, for the human. You can change your mind, you can evolve your perceptions, but only within limited, caged parameters, even as the cage itself remains invisible, imperceptible. One of the many perverse realities of the human condition.

I have written dozens of additional, brilliant essays which dissect this issue from slightly different angles. Here are just two direct links:



Excuse the mutilated paragraph structure, My Domain and all essays were mutilated and murdered last month by the collective terror and Truth hatred of government, ICANN, wordpress.com, and godaddy.com.


I believe FB has become the de facto propaganda machine of the 21st Century. With Zuckerberg advocating his liberal ideas in tune with the false gospel of the Antichrist.


Thanks you, that was very insightful. I suspect that you wrote that not for me but that you are trying to map it out too. I appreciate that very much. I think there are many alternative realities that are embraced . Being a particular sports team fan can occupy much of one’s life for example, being a religious zealot or being a right wing advocate and the many other alternative realities that offer a menu of chemical payoffs . I think if we blame govt for example (govt is not exactly what we think it is in my view but I sidetrack ) we abandon our individual responsibility not to be caged as you put it.
I think if you are tired of hating the govt for example, clarify first those attributes of govt you hate and forgive yourself for having them because I suspect it’s self loathing projected away from yourself. Just a thought. I suspect all hatred is motivated in this manner .


Wuuut Seer?!

I thought you were officially gone from Ideapod? :smirk:


@Csmith I only write essays after specific Forbidden Truths have been fully and absolutely cemented within My full-spectrum mind consciousness. Words are always inferior to thoughts, and prejudicial in terms of moving ideological and philosophical debate forward, as a Self-universe.

The embrace of alternative realities is relentlessly promoted and encouraged by all human societies, cultures, and governments. Whatever snuffs out Truth, while posing no active threat to the existing Matrix of Universal Illusion, society will always overtly promote and seek to popularize.

Blame must always be accurately placed. All humans cage themselves, first and foremost. But who do they do so? What are the external, inspirational forces responsible for this choice?? government is a primary one. To choose to be governed is an opening step to Self-caging. The Superior blames the inferiority of other humans, parallel to the blaming of government. Because humanity always reflects the lowest of the low. The baseline levels of stupidity and inferiority, failure of mind, incapacity to perceive reality, Truth, and the source of all problems, always wins out.

You are quite wrong about hatred and ego. External hate and internal love go together pefectly, for the top-level Superior like Me, and an immense ego is cultivated to perfection. Another two issues I have explored at great depth within My texts. For example:

These are just four of 30+ essays that specifically dissect this topic. Ego and love of Self are central themes to all Truth quests, as well as to rejecting and transcending your humanity.


@boonnhem Just teasing you guys with brief excerpts of My brilliant creations of mind.

Sort of like this poor sweetie:




Thanks for further clarifications. 1.How do you delineate the self from the environment ?
2. How do you deliniate yourself from others ?
3. How do you deliniate yourself from government ?
4. Is government what governs us if so then is it mere self or external forces. If driving, is the road govt ?
5. What is your definition of govt?
6. What is blame , is it not original sin ? Is it more than
refusing responsibility ?
7. If you perceive truth, is it true or another layer of resolution. If you are in a perceived high resolution it is only relative to the previous one so is there a limit to resolution, if so is that a death ?


Hai friends…every Human,who is born (a baby) is conditioned by thousands of years,from generation to generation…grows up, and is again brainwashing by “parents”,“family”…teachers etc. So the mind of this is full with “opinions,standpoints,beliefs,convictions,ideas etc.etc.”…the “Ceo” of all this is the Me,the I, the Ego…
So this conditioning creates the I and the You…My opinion,Your opinion etc…result? division and separation…out of this comes conflicts,problems,wars etc. And the most dangerous thing is,that we put labels on everyone…I am a muslim,I am a christian,a Hindu,a French etc.
So we have create a Society full of mysery,wars,conflicts,destruction etc…Every Human Being must realize this , then there is Freedom in the mind and can create for himself a little Cosmos,who can change our WORLD…
love and joy for you all…


LOL! Are you asking for something from me? :wink: