Hello Everyone, Crystal from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada


Hello Everyone.
My name is Crystal, I just joined the site today after reading some very inspiring articles. Just a little bit about me. I live on the East coast of Canada, I have a wide range of interests from technology to mediaeval armoury, camping and leather work. I have a very open mind but I find myself overwhelmed on a regular basis between working, owning my own business, my family, my home and my very few hobbies. It seems to put me in a negative mindset and I really want to move forward from it.


You live on an island? I was born on an island. I can offer you access to many more time consuming hobbies, if you are nearly at wits end I am sure I can push you over the edge. What do you wish for? What are your goals? And welcome to Ideapod, you will find it is also like an island in a sea of ideas. Choose your friends carefully, there is so much to do.


@crystal.dales, welcome! Nice to see you’ve found your way to this discussions area.

Personally, I can relate to feeling overwhelmed sometimes. I hope Ideapod can be helpful to you in finding some kind of solace, perspective or sense of assuredness… whatever is important to you.