Hello! I am Muraleedharan Rama Varma from


I am Muraleedharan Rama Varma from India. I am aged 64 and have retired from banking services in India and abroad. I love reading and discussions on spirituality. I look forward to having some fruitful interactions.


I am also retired, in my mid 70s and my focus is on science and the real world. I write science fiction and am looking forward to the world of AIs. Do you have any questions about the future? I spend a lot of time there and can provide guidance for you if you are interested.


Thanks, Bill. Glad to know of the interests. How do you see the world in the next 25 years? Will the scientific advancements make it a more peaceful place in the background of the vast destruction and disruptions around?


People do not like a messy world, no one is motivated to make their lives worse. We will have the aid of our AIs to solve scientific problems. The world is measured by taking into account the lives of all 8 billion or so people. Sort of like the average of humanity. We may see our first contact of other civilizations from out there in space. Food and power and water will be plentiful. Bad countries will just go away because they do not add to the human experience. Good things will multiply. You understand that in 140 years everyone alive today will be dead. Things change.


Thank you for a very positive outlook. I think the greatest changes could happen when we run into another civilization from outer space.


Yes, I agree and that is the basis for my screenplay. It is difficult to write for characters we really can not relate to, they are not of our world and we (humanity that is) has not experienced any others.


Yes, Bill. The thought of the extraterrestrials is indeed mind-blowing. I look at it this way: if the so called human civilization could develop from wheels to computers to spacecrafts in say, 10000 years, how much more a civilization from outer space that is a million years old would be advanced?


The race in my story has been around for 3 billion years. They live forever (can not die except by choice or accident), travel is sub light but they have stasis technology so can just stop time for themselves and any journey is zero time for them.