Hello! I'm Sandra, from Portugal!

(sandra cruchinho) #1

I’m so glad to join Ideapod!
Thanks for sharing some wisdom content!
Sometimes the right word makes all the difference to get over some stressfull experiences in life.
For that, I’m gratefull to be here with all of you and you Justin!
we’ll be here to learn, to share, to support!
A great backup for life challenges!
Thank you so much!

(Bill Ames) #2

Hello Sandra, I hope you find some help here as a lot of it is targeting people in stress. What are the parts of life that you would like to share with us? What challenges do you have? I am a senior citizen and can provide ideas for the future, if there is anything you would like to know, please ask questions.

(sandra cruchinho) #3

Thank you so much! that’s very kind of you!
well, I’m not a young lady, but I have a young spirit.
I’ve been trough many things since I was a child. Grown up with my auntie, she was a real mom, and I lost her exactly one year ago.
I had so much trouble living with my parents when my auntie got married and gone to live in France…I stoped to be the best student to be a person with the most stupid decisions…and still paying for that.
After all, learn some lessons, still here to learn more…
One thing I can say: even the worst times-beeing left alone at the hospital and almost accepting that you are a very bad person sure- don’t give up! and yes we always can be better persons! Don’t give up on that!
Feel my life just get started, once more!
So, thank you for your support, for caring, for asking about myself! It means a lot to me!

(Bill Ames) #4

Tell us what you like? Any favorite TV shows? Do you watch Netflix? How about Anime? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter page? What kind of work do you do? Are you creative, art, music, words? Tell us more.

(Justin Brown) #5

Hi @Littleflea, welcome! Really glad that you’ve come to the Discussions area to get involved in some conversations.

This is a nice way of putting it. I’d love for Ideapod Discussions to evolve where people support each other in our learning journeys, hopefully being inspired to embrace and understand the way that others think about themselves, the world, ideas… whatever people are passionate about.

Quite a few of our articles have a focus on our relationship with stress. I think that it’s relevant to all human beings as being stressed in situations is pretty universal. How we handle the stress and what we do with it can be very transformative.

(denise wheeler) #6

Oi Sandra, and so glad you joined in. I spent a few months in Portugal last year and loved it. Such a beautiful country and so much great history. Which area do you live in? I just read some of the things about your youth and I think everyone has a similar tale, even though it might seem like some people’s lives have been much easier. But my grandmother used to tell me that the real measure of who we are isn’t the things or situations that we’ve been handed, but what we do with them. So just keep carving out something great with all those hardships. The most interesting people are always the ones who have been through the fire. O melhor para você!