Here is something that might make Ideapod a better experience

(Bill Ames) #1

When I meet new words I will often assume I think I know what they mean, my bad, or I may look them up. Recently I discovered here " Liminality." I must be honest, even after my due diligence I did not really understand the intention of the short paragraph in which " Liminality" had appeared.

I would like to see in the Ideapod group list a “Dictionary” entry where words “new” to most people would be explained. I am always open to being corrected or informed if I get something wrong. I know there is a universe of knowledge I will never experience, I do the best with the tools I have learned.

It is not a problem to use new or unusual words, it exposes people to things they probably should know but it can be counterproductive if your point is lost because you assumed your audience was as informed as yourself.

Glossary of new and interesting words and phrases