Hi Everyone, I'm Denise and here's my #who's who

(denise wheeler) #1

It’s so wonderful to join this great platform. I met Justin ages ago, when he first set out with Ideapod. I loved it then, and so glad he keeps drawing everyone together. It’s hard, though, to join in this way, since life seems to always get ahead of me. But after a reminder from a dear friend recently, I said okay, enough with standing on the sidelines, let’s just jump in. So here I am, at a fabulous old farmhouse that I rented for the summer, in the beautiful countryside of Ireland, in order to work on a massive book that I’ve been writing. When I first set out to write it, I was going to rent a place in the Hamptons for the winter, since all my boys are in NYC and it seemed like a great writerly thing to do. But then one of boys said, “You know, Mom, why do you always want to come back here when you could go anywhere in the world?” And I just sat there and thought, “Wow, he’s so right.” Thus I spent 3 months at a fabulous farmhouse in Portugal, went back to the States for a while, and then kept going. Sarajevo, Andalucia, an amazing little island in Croatia, and so it has been. Seeing the world as I write, with breaks back to the States, until that wind starts blowing again and takes me to the next place. Which right now is Ireland, then on to Poland and Russia for a bit of sightseeing, cause I’ve learned that the best way to keep the pages coming to life is to keep expanding my own life. So here’s to everyone expanding theirs!

(Justin Brown) #2

Welcome, @denisewheeler! It’s very nice to learn more about what you’re working on at the moment. I’ve seen your writings at times through Facebook status updates and can see the passion shining through. What’s your book about? Sounds wonderful to be doing stints in such amazing parts of the world.

(denise wheeler) #3

Hey Justin, thanks so much. So wonderful to connect with you again. Mark has told me all about your doings and so happy for you. I haven’t been on FB in ages. It’s so hard when I’m so focused on the book. But it’s great to jump into Ideapod at last and have really enjoyed perusing all the topics and comments. The book is about how America really got to space, but not all those astronaut and Apollo tales. It’s about how all the foundations were laid, long before NASA came to be, and a group of great minds who were written out of the history they created. Just a simple little story haha.