Hi. I’m Grizzz this is my #Who’sWho


I’m Grizzz and am Grateful for finding this community. Who am I?? I am the dad of three absolutely beautiful kids. And I’m the human to my best buddy, Rusty, a K9. And I hope to someday be truly authentic, love myself, flaws and all, give myself unconditional support and encouragement.and to get out of my own way. At times I’m my own worst enemy, self saboteur. Procrastinator. But am aware of this and am in the process of changing. Also am aware that I want to go to the gym and workout tonight. And am trying not to revert to the self saboteur and procrastinator. See above. Mostly I’m grateful, hopeful, optimistic and a dreamer. And a continuous work in progress of being a better, happy, content person. Good to be here and alot to take in on ideapod. Thank you.


Welcome, @Grizzz! Nice to get to know you a little better.


Welcome Grizzz to a community interested in learning, sharing and encouraging new ideas. I find this to be an awesome platform which if nothing else, is a place to aire your thoughts which can be both refreshing and therapeutic.