Hi I'm Costas from Greece


Hi I’m Costas from Greece, I’m 26 years old, I work as a fiscal machine technician and a waiter. I love human behavior and psychology, I read a lot and in my opinion music is the most valuable gift humanity has ever offered

Nice to meet you guys


Pleased to meet you. Can you tell use the kinds of music you think the world most appreciates? My taste is in western classical music, such as Mahler’s 1st. I am retired in my mid 70s and have used music to create many stories in my imagination.


Nice to meet you BillAmes, I like all kinds of music. Mostly I listen rock music (every type of it from classic to indie) . But I love many artist from different types of music too like Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen for example. I’m a huge fan of lyrics in songs too. I find it captivating how a person managed to give a rhythm and a melody to his feelings.


I did answer to the question though, I think most of the people appreciate the type of music that suits the most in the point of their lives as a soundtrack. For example young people listening to RnB and Hip Hop because they want to feel energetic and important and that kind of music could sound well on their background


We learn to like music of a given type when we are children. Music is very subjective. Our brains are wired by the music we are exposed to. The attributes of the music we like may impact how we think and behave. Because you can never win an argument about which music is best most people do not spend any time doing that. This may also apply to politics, religion and your culture. However people still need to interact with others of different types and we have learned to accommodate this need. But we still argue about the merits of our beliefs.


I totally agree, though in my occasion, while I was a kid I was exposed mostly to traditional Greek music, later on I found out every other type(excluding none) has some really great pieces of art to offer. Most people like you said, have their own beliefs and taste, it’s hard to argue on what another person uses to express himself. The only point that you can start a debate is if that expression of his is harmful to another person (that’s mostly on politics, religion etc etc)


Now here is something we have in common.


Music creates images in my mind. When I find a piece that gives me the best images (it may be applicable for a story I am writing or a story inspired by the music) I add it to my favorite list. Music can be pleasant to listen to and not create images, sort of like it is entertaining my subconscious, but when he notices he will send me some image, that is how we communicate. I dream every day and night so we have many conversations. Some music that is part of someone else’s story reinforces the images from that story. There have been times that I had a scene where my characters were doing something and I needed music. I found it. On my PC I have folders with scene names that contain the audio file of the music. If I just play the music I can visualize the scene. Tell me your stories.


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BillAmes, I really like they way you’re commenting, its the first thing I published and you come up and start a conversation on a topic I love. So either here or in a discussion I’ll follow (the only thing that could make miss something is that I’m still trying to figure out how ideapod works).

As for music I agree with you. In my opinion, emotions(especially strong ones) and imagination can’t be expressed and explained fully to someone else or even to ourselves. That’s when art (music is art too) come on board. Because it can create a feeling someone could understand by Awakening his senses, this if surrounded by a story of my life for example would be more understood than if I just sat down and told him about it


Ideapod is still a “work in progress”, it has much to learn about itself and much to improve. Until it adds an AI it will have to limp along on the likes of you and me.

I think I see a suggestion from you that people need some theme music when they enter the scene. I think something that works for me is “Smetana - Moldau”

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I will check it out as soon as I get the opportunity

One of the greatest theme songs for my life is experience from Ludovico Einaudi, and in some other times I found great comfort by listening to Closer from the Kings of Leon.

Yes I believe that every person can find a suitable melody for his thoughts, and that will help him maximize the potential of the feelings he could use for his growth as a personality. I strongly believe that strong emotions (either joy or sorrow) are the best spark for thought


Strong emotions tend to overwhelm the thought process. Talking to people experiencing strong emotions may result in harm. However if I am experiencing positive results from music I moderate it because I know I am the only one who can experience what I am, the world must wait for my movie.


Yes it may cause harm, but just by avoiding to accept them and interact with them you cannot get any better. The point is to identify and analyze those type of emotions and take the best from it

Yes I agree, but in your movie you will need some music in order to maximize the level of the messages the viewer will receive.


How is analyzing the emotions of people who have gone over the edge and lost connection with reality? These people have very strong emotions and are usually irrational and can not be part of a conversation. If I were a psychiatric AI with the equivalent of 10,000 years of experience I might try to help these people. The problem is that their emotions are based on false data, they are reacting to what they believe is true, not what may actually be true. How do you interact with people in need?


I am referring to the benefits Tha you can gain, they may be not be eligible for you to help them. But for you, to realize and analyze their behaviors, even if do not accept them and make them gives you some other parts for your puzzle. Even if you come to the conclusion that the do you harm and decide to back down is a benefit for you (judgment). But not avoiding them without paying even a little bit of attention. That’s (in my opinion) closest to oblivion than reality. The reality is that there are people with these kind of lives and emotions. I hope Ive explained my thoughts correctly (I haven’t practiced my English in a while)


So humanity needs to learn from the lives of these people? Sounds like a good idea, humanity has the resources to help. What can an individual do if they learn that a solution to a problem requires changing the mindset of a population that has believed something (that is not true) for a thousand years? And which problems are more important to solve? How do you set a priority on what you do? What standards does an individual apply to another member of humanity when deciding to help them or not?


Humanity for me, is all of us, with no exceptions. So since there are these kind of members we have to interact with them. We need firstly for ourselves to be able to understand and accept or deny the information there giving us.

Now, when it comes to helping someone. That’s something complicating. Mostly because help haw different meanings for every single one of us. Something I desperately need can be completely useless to you. But if you want to try and help someone that’s in pain or experiencing strong negative emotions, I thing the best way is by compassion and leading by example (since you are experiencing positive emotions). You can only motivate someone to try and change himself.

In Greece we say this, if someone is asleep I will gently try to wake him up, if he doesn’t want to wake up I will gently put a blanket on him. Both for me are two different types of help


Here is a situation where people need help. How do we advise the people who are suffering this problem?