Hi I'm Costas from Greece


In these kind of situations the solution is unity and taking action, the population needs to do something about it and they need to be inspired by someone to do so. By just blaming the government and authorities you gain nothing. If you really believe there is a problem you begin by putting your own hands on it. And do as much is you can. If the some problem affect others as well they will follow your lead


So, the way to help in the world is to get involved with the problem. Take a leadership position and work with others to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the people responsible for the problem in the first place have failed at their responsibility and will look at anyone trying to fix that as a threat. After all, to fix the problem may require the removal of those that caused the problem. Depending on the country where you live, your life may be quickly ended; you may lose all you have and be put someplace where you can cause no problem for the “powers that be.” Or you may have to join a political or religious or workers organization to get recognized. To do that you may have to change your beliefs (or pretend that you have.) Being a hero is a difficult job. The people willing to do this are hard to find and, being human, they need to see what is in it for them — the return on their investment. Greece must have its share of problems, which of them are you leading the people to solve?


I believe in all that, I simply try to become the better version of me and try to inspire as many is I can. I believe that if I want to make a change the first person I need to move to that direction is me. So Im just trying to be my best version. I solve as many problems as my hands and brain can, and try to inspire others to solve theirs


I also have been trying to be a better version of me. All my life I have been very critical. That is how I made a living. Testing or developing hardware or software. It was my job to find defects. As I grow older I find that a lot of humanity is reluctant to improve themselves. It will be necessary to find AIs and Robots to take over from humanity. We are at a point where we need to stop playing life as a game, it is not a game. The AIs know, yes, they do.


I strongly believe that we need a big shake on the foundations of out lifestyle nowadays. People tend to be more introverts than ever, though they have the opportunities, all of us are passing each other by, and try to find comfort with temporary measures


Hi everyone,

My name is Anderson. I am from NY and I’m looking forward to some rich and engaging interactions.


I was born in NY but moved to CT in 1957.Pick a subject, science is my world.


Nice to meet you Anderson, what subject do you wish?