Hi, I'm Marsha and New to the Community


I’ve been receiving and reading a lot of stuff from Ideapod for some time now. I have no idea how I chanced upon the website but so far, I know I’ve linked some articles out on my social media sites. If nothing else, I am passionate about writing, marketing and sharing good and useful stuff, and so far, Ideapod’s been doing a pretty neat job.

Which article made me leap into the community? (It took some time, didn’t it? lol) - the article about how everyone can be evil where the author’s father was a part of Khmer Rogue. Totally threw me off my axis.

Anyway, I am a blogger, writer, digital marketer, social media manager and I’ve been at it since I was employed by 2 dotbomb. I’d like to connect with more people of likemind here so, I hope I am doing the right thing.

I look forward to seeing more stuff from everyone here!
Best regards,


p.s. Since I’m new, if I’ve violated any rules here, please let me know. At this point, I am still clueless.


@marshamaung, welcome! You certainly haven’t violated any rules. Actually, this Ideapod Discussions area is new and will evolve based on how people use it. I’m currently redesigning the front page of www.ideapod.com so that it all becomes a little clearer.

It’s really nice to know which article prompted you to come into this area and introduce yourself. This article was by @boonnhem who has been part of the community for a few years now. She recently started her own website: https://faroutwisdom.com

I’m interested to know what you mean by @boonnhem’s article throwing you off your axis?

You’re also able to publish articles here as well: https://ideapod.com/contribute. This section is also evolving.


Hi! The article that you read was the one that I’ve written. Thanks for sharing and you can check out my blog in which @justinbrown shared above! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m currently working on a project writing stories of wisdom of Khmer Rouge survivors and I just started my public dream journal following my wacky dreams on blog.

Let me know if you would like to connect! <3


I was just another one of those shy readers who kept absorbing thoughts, ideas, experiences and opinions of others on ideapod and it is an amazing platform. I hope you enjoy redesigning the front page, I’ll let you know if I have ideas (if you want).

I’ll check out @boonnhem’s website a little bit after this. Sounds like something I would like to dig into.

As for why it prompted me to introduce myself - well, I am interested in people’s stories. That’s why I read a lot from sites like ideapod, tinybuddha, medium, wordpress, etc. I think everyone’s lives are different, whether you’re the Cyndi Lauper of the music world, or the Justin Brown of Ideapod. Everyone has a story and the telling of how one had to deal with one’s family member who was a part of Khmer Rouge was eye-opening. It kind of split your world open because on one hand, you’re trying to be a good person, yet, you have someone who was a ‘bad person’.

It triggers so many thoughts - how would I react if I were in that special position. What would I do? How would I think?

For instance, I’ve had a family member robbed and murdered in her home a couple of years back. The man was convicted and sentenced to 10 years of jail. As a part of the victim’s family, it is NOT enough. He can spend his lifetime in jail and yet, it is not enough. But when I look at his family background and members, there’s a side of me who wants to argue with that anger.

More recently, a friend of mine was mowed down during a marathon. She was left in a coma for approx a month before passing away. During that one month when she was in a coma, all her friends, ESPECIALLY her husband, were in pain. The driver was drunk, he showed no remorse, he attempted to run away, denied the charges, and possibly tried to bribe his way out of jail time.

My friend and her husband are extremely kind people, especially my friend who passed on because of the incident. They would defend just about anyone out of the kindness of their hearts. And yet, after the incident, I found her husband struggling between trying to deal with her passing, fate, destiny, and the need for closure…or more accurately, REVENGE.

This despite knowing that revenge is not the answer. The more we seek revenge, the more damage we do to ourselves, the more tragic the carnage.

It’s only a couple of days ago that the man was sentenced to 4 years of jail. In his tearful statement to the press, he acknowledges the fact that the man’s jail time will not bring his wife back. Still…4 years is not harsh enough a sentence. I agree.

So, in cases like these, you find your spirit wrestling with itself - being the good person - forgive and forget; and the bad person - you’ll suffer hell in jail and for the rest of your life.

That’s why I was moved by @boonnhem’s story. It made me think, are evil people born evil or is it a result of circumstance?


I think it’s an amazing project! I’ve bookmarked your site and look forward to hearing more from it. And yes, I would love to connect. Do you have Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Plug it here and I’ll follow for sure!