Hi there, Matthias here

(Matthias Mess) #1

Hey folks,
I just wanted to introduce myself since I am taking part in the Out of the box class and would love to get in touch with some other people here in the community.

I am from northern Germany and I am a logistics person from an educational background. It suits my character pretty well since I am rather pragmatic and love to organise complex things. When I am not at work I play lacrosse and basketball and love to get in touch with people and travel around.
I lately discovered how amazing it is to find out more about yourself and to really dive deep into psychological and sociological aspects of behaviours. It gives me the opportunity to get a better understanding of how I work, but also how other people and organisations work. It’s good fun for me to go deep into philosophical discussion and see things from different perspectives and also to go into abstract mode and go about from a systematic approach.

Anyway, long story short, I am really looking forward to inspiring discussions and posts from all over the world :blush:

(Bill Ames) #2

This I can do for you. I am not philosophical at all (see, you just met someone not like you) but totally logical. Self educated and grew up on science fiction. Some religious ideas (I needed to explain how the universe and all its laws came about, did that to my satisfaction and need), age here is 76, live in Florida USA (just watched a hurricane drive by.) I am also an “organizer”, my lists have lists of lists. Pick a topic and we can make it into a discussion.

(Justin Brown) #3

Wonderful to meet you @Te-eMster. You describe your purpose very well. I hope that Ideapod Discussions becomes a place where you meet others on a similar journey.

@HelenEmmett joined recently and expressed a similar desire. We had a great discussion about how to come up with good ideas. Perhaps it’s a good next place to explore.