How do you define “Value”?

(Mark's Myth) #1

The etymology of Value derives from Latin “Valere” implying a #senseof worth.

The question is to who and why it has value.

Is it of monetary value?

Is it a useful resource and therefore has value?

Is it valuable because it is meaningful and affects our emotions?

Is it about our ethics and the most important aspects of morality?

Or is it about something still undefined yet we constantly search for?

I imagine all the above correct.

But they are refined by culture and context.

For the values we adhere to are either defined for us or by us.

Value is something we grow into.

Then shed.

Like a molting snake growing into its new skin that is now more valuable than the old one.

The challenge with this wordplay is how we ascribe value and apply it in the commons of today.

For without this ability we will be lost and worthless.

And without a foundation of the 3Ts: Truth, Transparency and Trust… value will be imposed by the few vs collaboratively created by the many.

How do you define Value (in your own words)?

(ACD) #2

I think we value at many levels: individual, small group including family and friends, local community, regional community, culture and civilization, and global. Some of the values we hold at each of these levels accord and conflict with those at other levels. What I feel is good for me, my family, friends, local community, or culture may not be good for regional or global community. Therefore our values are constantly being balanced and compromised.

(Bill Ames) #3

Value (to give it as a parameter) is the brightness of the light that illuminates our actions.

(Justin Brown) #4

I understand “value” to be about one’s subjective sense of appreciation for something. Perhaps even desire for something.

With regards to what we appreciate or desire, we have a monetary system to store value and exchange it. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty incredible achievement that I can exchange money for what I appreciate all around the world.

Then of course there are “values”, which is about one’s standards or principles about what is important, or how one lives the “good life”. These values will be both shaped by society, culture, religion, family, etc, and I believe also will come from within, some kind of moral framework that is intrinsic to being human.

To respond to this part of what you wrote, I think that’s relevant to the values that is derived from culture, but not to the values that derive from our human nature.

I can’t establish that we have this human nature. It’s an assumption I have and something I’m interested to further explore in discussions here on Ideapod.

(Bill Ames) #5

I think “value” is something we can learn but it is likely not within our domain to give something “value”.