How many choices and decisions do you have each day?


You may believe you have many, but in fact, you have very few. Why do we have so few? Because we are a creature of habit and our environment can be reasonably stable, so there are not many to be made. It is when you are lost in the woods or on some city street with a broken GPS where you must chart a new path.

How does Ideapod get into to this process? Well, examples are for readers, what to browse, to read them or not, or even to post a comment. For pod management, is the page finally done, article readable, time to stir the pot? The pod represents a small collection of people finding their way.

How can a person know the difference in their life between a choice (red or green M&M) or a decision (it’s not working, we will start with a clean slate.) Most people in a creative process often do not seem to care. That is why lousy music or art or websites are not very good and outnumber the good ones by 10,000 to 1.

How can this be avoided? It can’t, and you must try and try again. Eventually, through practice and perseverance, something good happens. You can speed the process by being an excellent listener, learn from others mistakes and solicit feedback. Learn to use the best tools available in whatever medium you are working, there is competition, and even if you are so so good there will be those five times better, and they will get your audience.

What if I can not decide on a choice? That is easy, pick the one that takes the least effort for the most payback, and you enjoy doing. It is well known that if you enjoy what you do, life will never make you work, you are just there for the ride.