How To Be the Richest Man

(Mel Saint) #1

Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world as per Forbes. The way Forbes gather their data is through the publicly listed companies. How about the private companies? How about the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia that don’t disclose their wealth publicly? How about the mafia? The way they gather data is flawed in the 1st place. Nonetheless, it’s still worth noting. How Bezos climbed the top. If Amazon has a simple idea which is online marketplace and quick delivery of goods, it means that you don’t need a complicated idea. It was replicated by Alibaba in China.

My trading algorithm solves that. It even beats James Simmons and his army of PhD’s in his hedge fund. I’ve see a Quora post detailing why mathematicians are not rich. I want to break that stereotype. And prove that math can be used to make lots of money.

(Barry McCormack) #2

Great post saintmel45. Mathematics can be a powerful force which is not always recognised.
I agree that the definition of wealth is often flawed. Having more money than time to spend it is skewed value in itself. Being that rich while so many others are poor, can lend itself to constant worry of kidnapping and blackmail etc…
The methods you mention for attaining wealth as eg. global post companies have done, is a proven method. Personally, I am sharing an idea which explains how everyone can become productive by owning their own personal money earning network. If/when this idea takes off it will give everyone more money and more time. You might like to check it out and maybe offer improvements.
I personally don’t own much but if my idea has the effect I believe it will, I could argue that I am the richest person that ever lived. Lol. Don’t worry, I don’t mean that seriously.
I wish you well in your endeavours. While there is still so much poverty, we need people who think out of the box.