How to Be #Woke


What does it mean to be woke? In the most millenial sense of the word? Is it by smoking weed or LSD? How do we gain higher consciousness? The business front pages celebrate the CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies. What if you’re just an ordinary employee, a mere cog in the machine? Does it mean learning all the New Age stuff? Like Wicca or Kabbalah? Does it involve converting to Judaism? To Eastern Catholic Churches? Or joining ultra conservative cults such as Opus Dei and SSPX? The monks in the past had to withdraw from the world and go up to the mountains to find God. Can we find God in our daily lives, or we had to isolate ourselves from the sinfulness of the world? Does it involve a passive approach to religion? Or by taking it wholeheartedly in an almost fanatic way?

So many questions. Not enough answers.


Higher? Sorry, I have enough input from the physical world. And then I sleep and my dreams add to the experience. It is not possible or desirable to get more input. Finding people that have any mind is difficult. Let me show you. I open a conversation with" Hey, we know time slows down with motion or an increase in gravity, how can we cause time to speed up? People just do not respond as they need to, they need to offer ideas, ask questions, something to move the conversation along. All I get from most people is what I get when I ask it of my cat, “What’s for dinner?” The really smart people do not hear the question, they hear what they think you should have asked. See, it is a difficult world, I do not need more ideas, I need more people with minds.


Thanks for the input! We do have different questions in mind.