How to prove the lack of election interference? (Hint, it is not possible, read to learn why.)

(Bill Ames) #1

Continuing the discussion from Trying to juggle the needs of the many without disturbing the few, very difficult:

In this world, we have many new opportunities. We can now be heard everywhere. This is true for any country, and some countries have elections. When a country has a ballot, it is expected the electorate presumes to hear and see presentations by the candidates and the candidates representatives. Some performances will tell the people how right their candidate is and how harmful their opponent is.

It is presumed the words we perceive will be created by and posted by a candidate’s political organization. Our election standards require these messages originate from the candidate and their representative.

One of the problems that have come with technology and improvements in the media’s ability to deliver a message is to answer a question, “who said that?” Going forward, it appears to be necessary to prove that anything we may see or hear or read did not originate from any source other than what is required by our election laws.

(ACD) #2

“From a re-election perspective Trump has to shore up his foreign policy position and admit that whatever he’s tried to do to this point hasn’t worked. In fact, it has done nothing but weaken him and is adding to an already messy economic landscape worldwide, as I’ve pointed out in the past. This turn by him is more than a small blip, in my mind. It is Trump backing away from the abyss created for him by his neocon handlers, who all hate him anyway. Bolton was pushed on him by major Republican donor and Israeli Firster, Sheldon Adelson. And Adelson is the real issue here. [ See The Rothschild legacy and world order ] So much of Trump’s foreign policy has centered around the wishes of this odious man. With RussiaGate behind him and leading Democrats refusing to let it lie down as they try to obfuscate the obvious trail which leads back to them Trump looks a lot more secure. He’s looking at the fundraising numbers, the crowds he’s drawing at rallies more than a year out from the election, a stock market at all-time highs and he’s thinking he doesn’t really need Adelson’s money network anymore.”

(Bob Copeland) #3

I don’t have any quarrel with anyway a country has set up their system of elections unless you bring human rights into the discussion which muddies the waters. There’s an old saying that “Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely” & since all species including us, plants, viruses, etc. all want to survive as much as possible welcome to civilization’s Game of Thrones. I also don’t disagree with Tom’s article in principle. The invention of the Internet has permitted all country’s senior executives to run their fiefdom any way they desire. Even the great unwashed, like me, can put in their two cents worth.

(Bill Ames) #4

This is marvelous. Thank you, both of you for making my point. We here in the US are beginning our election season and based on the last one, it seems that the consensus is not to have any interference from foreign governments.

Any words that originate from that source that may confuse, bewilder, misdirect, influence the vote, cause doubt must be eliminated. Your words may appear to not be of such nature but if your words cause someone to think about something, these thoughts may influence how they vote.

Unless you can prove they are not, it has to be assumed that your words and the thought behind them originated in the bowels of foreign capitols, those that only have their best interest in mind. It may also be assumed that Ideapod is part of the process for delivering your words if they are your words.

Now you and Ideapod are always able to mount a defense of your words and the right to present them. So, please show that you can prove that foreign governments are not the origin of the thoughts presented above nor is Ideapod a facilitator of such words at the direction of said foreign governments.

I do not believe you can, and I do not think it is possible in our upcoming election to eliminate foreign influence on the voting population. It is impossible to prove any idea; statement, position, accusation is not of foreign origin.

(Mark's Myth) #5

Oy vey! Sheldon used to be my boss back in the early 80s. I was his lead designer for his company The Interface Group which produced COMDEX, the tradeshow that helped launch the personal computer industry. His rise and prominence in politics has been an interesting journey indeed. It’s called money can buy you influence. And he has lots of it (both)!

(Justin Brown) #6

Something to consider is also the US government’s ability to influence other country’s elections. They’ve been doing this for such a long time. It’s surprising to me the media outcry about Russian interference given how much the US does it themselves:

(ACD) #7

(Bill Ames) #8

Yes, we do. And it is ignored by most here in the US. One can make a case that all religions interfere with the governments and populations in all countries.

Wiki speaks:

What does it mean to say I am my brother’s keeper?

The original use that has become famous is Cain’s reply when God asks where his brother Abel is. His answer means that he does not feel responsible for knowing his brother’s whereabouts, or by extension, keeping him safe. In the wider context, it is an old question that goes to the heart of social organization.

(ACD) #9

God asked pointedly because Cain had killed Abel. Cain’s answer was disingenuous. (We are far afield of the topic of elections now.)

(Bill Ames) #10

We can not prove the lack of election interference. That is a fact. It can not be disputed. And that is not good.

(ACD) #11

Was JFK properly elected? Properly executed? How about W?

(Bill Ames) #12

All elections probably have some fraud or improperly influenced voters. (like when a candidate gets %99 of the vote)

If we have a way of assuring only qualified voters vote and that all people qualified to vote are able to vote we will have a better situation.

We also need to educate voters to understand what they are voting for.

(ACD) #13

I think election fraud has more to do with concentration of power and exemption from the due process of justice.

(Bill Ames) #14

In the US each state is responsible for the elections so this concentration is not at all like countries where elections are government controlled. Some states are so much one party there is no need to worry about fraud and the evenly balanced states will be closely watched by both parties so fraud is not likely.

(ACD) #15

I submit that this is a profoundly naive view even if factually accurate.

(Bill Ames) #16

Lacking worldly experience, wisdom, or judgement; unsophisticated; against better judgement.

That is me. I have seen little of the world (except on company business) and have spent my life in my science fiction. I will admit that when I view parts of the world on street view I marvel how unfriendly it appears. This is reality outside the US. I can not have opinions of things I have not experienced. I really do not know how to do anything about this. I am trying to learn French as I believe having anothe language may give me better insight. I am just starting down that path.