How to see ourselves as others see us?

(Bill Ames) #1

Recently I have been doing online surveys where I am asked my opinions on many topics. These include politics, economy, and advertisements to mention a few.

The questions on advertisements are often to provide feedback on a particular TV ad and to tell the survey what I think.

This has made me question myself at times how the products advertising department must think about the consumer in their target demographic.

As you watch TV or browse the web and see an ad that matches something you might purchase compare the people you see and the circumstances you see and compare them to your self, your life situation.

I am asking a question here, how well does the advertising world see who you are? Are you (or the representative family as portrayed) as smart, well dressed, happy, organized as the ad shows you all should be?

(Elderize Von-Schilling Worth) #2

…if only the advertising world predictions where accurate, it would resolve the most asked about questions we impose on ourselves…who am I? Am I happy? How do you know if your happy or content? Is my family perfect? Am I considered handsome or beautiful? Are we ever going to be enough…?
That certainly would put a lot of questions to bed and frankly many professions out of business (giggle) It’s all analytics and predictions at best…human nature in my opinion is very unpredictable and having done many of these surveys (mostly for my own amusement) I hardly think it’s as accurate as “they” say. Nice brain teaser, thank you!