How to stop comparing yourself to others: 10 key steps

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As the saying goes, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So, why can’t we stop? When it comes to comparing yourself to others, it’s all too common today. Between our work lives, social media, and our family and friends, it’s easy to compare. You see another person achieving more, looking better, having more followers, or…

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Nice article @jesscarpwrites. I like the ending:

You are the only person who can choose to change your life. We’re all searching to feel fulfilled. As Rudá Iandê explains, “Fulfillment comes from inside out…It doesn’t need to change the world. It only needs your heart to be warm and present.”

Personally, comparing myself to others was a huge issue in my life up to only a few years ago. I’d always find examples men I perceived to be more successful and more desirable to make me feel smaller than I really am.

During the time of comparing myself to others I also had the mission of changing the world.

Now I feel more fulfilled and have simpler goals. I also don’t compare myself to others anywhere near as much.

I hope anyone reading this who compares themselves to others will check out the advice offered in the article. There’s definitely a better way to live life that comes from finding fulfilment within.

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I completely agree. Being authentic to yourself and true to who you are is the most important thing you can do. It helps you to lead a much better life.