How to stop overthinking: 3 powerful hacks that work instantly

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I have a confession to make. I’m an overthinker and overthinking has completely consumed my life. My overthinking is characterized by non-stop thoughts. Psychologists refer to this as rumination: “simply repetitively going over a thought or a problem without completion”. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I can be completely immersed in something, and before…

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This reminds me of a joke youtube video that made the rounds a few years ago. It was of a woman who starts out her day with a task. While doing that task, she spots another task that needs attending to, so she goes there.
On and on until, at the end of an exasperating day, after collapsing into a chair, she realizes nothing was completed.
However this story has a few misconceptions in it. There is a generalization being made about thinking, or the mind. There actually are different types of thought or workings of the mind.
From the moment of conception and the formation of the brain and the senses bringing in information, files are being made, data is being stored, analyzed and coordinated with a never ending onslaught of new data.
Once born and the parental tutorship and learning of what this data means, you soon, eventually, develop into a hopefully independent human and can proceed on one’s own with the continuing learning.
The definitions and trusting begins.
The reason you see a newborn child with wide eyes is the complete awareness of awesome new sensory material. Has no idea what anything is, but it is magnificently new.
Now, as to the types of thought, I am sure that since you meditate, you must realize you NEVER stop thinking.
While meditating, you never fall from the chair. You never do not know what cool or warm is. Thi8s is because the mind is THINKING. It is still receiving and coordinating all inputs and completing the picture.
You can’t stop this.
And from experiencing a massive stroke myself, losing a massive section of the back of my brain and then experiencing (at first panicking, then enjoying) the powerful visions I had afterwards, I know how this works. I know how ANY slightly damaged or missing file of earlier coordinated knowledge can produce a consciousness of maddening weirdness.
while the mind is trying to reorganize and produce your world.
So I guess my plan to monitor this over"thinking" is to continue to use my mindfulness and at least realize the situation. Catch the presence. Notice the thinking. Get a better hold or grasp of what is actually me, my world.
It used to be difficult because other than the present, I would get angry when I found myself suddenly fixing the car or making a note of a project still needing to be done. What about that furnace filter? Does it need to be changed? And…on and on.
But then after practicing, you catch this, wonder why it came, how it came and where does it go!?
Then you toss it, enjoy that you saw it and move back to position A watching the moment.
So again,I guess my tool is to find the moments throughout my day to get into my present. And then get back to trying to land the Boeing 777 of my daily life.

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