Humanifesting an idea into existence in 24 hours

(Mark's Myth) #1

Something very magical happened in the last 24 hours of being together at Esalen…

It seems we were ready and the timing was just right for Paul to seed an idea. He shared his #senseof a project he could imagine coming together from the energies of our gathering, our diverse experiences and potential to continue on the path of creating a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

As the circumstances would have it I would leave Esalen to continue my time-travel heading towards Berkeley (away from home) to meet one of my first collaborators on the eleprocon epiphany from 40 years ago, Erik Adigard.

When this was mentioned to Paul he said he coincidently had a day free in the Bay Area so we could meet up with Erik together. At the same time I overheard that Grace and Duke also lived in Berkeley. They invited us over to meet at their beautiful home surrounded by redwoods with the echoing laughter of their sweet children.

The ideas flowed, notes were taken and then the magic continued…we were surprised by a visit from Charles and the evergreen smile of Adam.

With Charles’ blessing we will venture out on this path of creating something… something that at this point sounds like a 24 hour livestream festival celebrating and tuning into the experiences of the many pioneers from around the world who are forging the new story of this most beautiful world.

After leaving our meeting at the house Paul, Erik and I went for a walk in the nearby woods then we went back to Erik’s design studio where I surprised them with and impromptu video call with Justin Brown, the founder of Ideapod.

Now here we all are welcoming you into this circle to use this space to nurture these ideas and build upon them…

Meaningful links and mindful projects
(Mark's Myth) #2

Herein lies the noogenesis of this project’s ideas and the first working notes put together by Grace as the first milestone…

24 Hour Broadcast: The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible (MBW 24)

Meeting Date: March 16, 2019

Time: 12-3PM

In Attendance: Paul, Mark, Erik, Grace, Duke

Meeting #1

(Mark's Myth) #3

After our meetings the first thing that came to mind was the concept that was nurtured many years ago as seen in the Whole Earth Catalog created by Stewart Brand 50 years ago… “think globally, act locally” highlighting new ideas on relating to ecosystems, bioregions, new tools and ideas for the evolution of life on spaceship earth.

In the spirit of #interbeing this new word has emerged:
Glocal = global + local

With that in mind, here are the 3 threads that seem to weave us together no matter who and where we are…

#senseof place

#senseof community

#senseof story

I would like to suggest we carry this theme through whatever we do with this project.

(Mark's Myth) #5

MBW Solstice Milestone 2019

On Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 8:28 AM Charles Eisenstein wrote:

Hi Mark,
That is a fantastic URL. And I love the image too.
Keep me in the loop and let me know how I can help.


On 6/14/19 11:09 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

Dear Charles,

I hope this email finds you well. I imagine you are moving non-stop since we saw you at Esalen. Please take care.

If you have a moment look at this email as that invisible hand you speak of gently has its palm on the shoulders of some wonderful people who would like to see the following put in motion…

After the initial journey over these last few months here is a summary of the seeds Paul germinated with the project that now feels to be willing itself into being and blossoming into more, yet to be defined but sensed.

The following synthesis combines the ideas we carried forth from Esalen with our time together with you and the rest of the group, then teleconferencing together regularly since our first meeting at Grace and Duke’s.

This is about tuning into the new story. Into our sense of place, sense of community, sense of story, all told fulfilling a sense of interbeing.

This is about living the questions together, exploring the methods and means to co-create and regenerate a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Three primary milestones:


Solstice 2019 - June 21st

Seeding an idea with a 24 month gestation:

Conscientiously crossing the threshold in acknowledgment of intent with open arms.


Solstice 2021 - June 21st inaugural 24 hour “Glocal” production produced and presented:

The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible as seen on earth in 24 hours.


Solstice 2024 - June 20th

MBW2024 Humanifestival:

Celebrating a global migration on our continued path as evolutionary interbeings.

Each phase builds upon the other with the time in between these milestones creating a sense of gravity and momentum that attracts others, ideas, efforts, finances, structure, discoveries, knowledge, wisdom and whatever comes along to make this a reality and helps to define and create each milestone, then setting the next in motion.

We have high expectations of unimagined journeys with welcomed outcomes yet to be defined.

I am sharing this with you now as we take the next steps to see the wonderful places this will lead and the amazing people who will become engaged.

Charles in looking for a web domain for this evolving project I discovered, and as a gift registered MoreBeautiful.World (and MoreBeautiful.Earth) if it is so deemed to be used. But first I did want to ask if that was ok with you…otherwise it is there for your use.

Looking forward to your continued feedback,


(Mark's Myth) #6

Living the questions together…

(Mark's Myth) #7

The medicine in mantras… Charles Eisenstein in regards to MBW24