I have been formally trained to conduct brainstorming sessions because Smith Corona needed to reinvent the typewriter. RTU


Small discoveries can be painful for a large business. We, at Smith Corona, had developed a daisywheel typewriter. It was discovered that the cloth ribbon (it provided acceptable results for a typical consumer) would last longer than the calculated mechanical life of the typewriter. Who knew!?

I would like to see entries in this section that state problems. State them as clear as possible. A weak post would be, “We are killing the planet every time we breath out, what to do, what to do?” I would be most interested in such topics as how to manage the impact of the AI programs. Another might be how to have a conversation with people you do not agree with. And last but not least, how to earn cash to supplement social security?

I am a bit puzzled by the different soap boxes provided by Ideapod. I feel very comfortable writing here. The expectations are low enough, so I am not stressed; writing my screenplay is stressful enough. The opera house platform is much too formal for me, too fancy. And it seems to be more for providing solutions; it appears to be much more than just an elegant version of this house where I am now writing.

Those who have read my posts and profile will know I can move through many topics. For example, are there any good chess players here? I am just a hobby player, but I have some questions.

Now, what problems can we address? Here is one. In my younger days, when we had newspapers, you had columns where you could ask questions about relationships and get some answers. Now we have no newspapers and too many connections, among other, problems. The problem, in my opinion, is we need a place people can go and ask a question and get a reasonable, rational and actionable answer. Ideapod could do something like this.

This post meets the criteria of “raw thoughts, unfinished,” perhaps we need a mnemonic, it will be signed RTU.