I just finished a 3 day (72 hour) water fast. It was brutal

(Justin Brown) #1

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Yesterday, I finished a 3 day (72 hour) water fast. After reading about other people’s experiences, I expected it to be easy. It wasn’t. I’m very grateful for doing it and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to release toxins, experience cellular regeneration, improve mental performance and have a better relationship with the body.…

(Preslav Karshovski) #2

@justinbrown First off, glad that you survived :slight_smile: Very useful tips that should be considered before fasting! Three things popped up in my mind as I was reading.

The importance of sharing personal experiences in terms of shaping a critical approach to a given topic. Nowadays, there is a certain polarity in opinions and positions regarding news, statements, articles, etc. People either fully agree with something and deny other points of view or they fully disagree and call it fake and thus deny other points of view. There is never only black and white. Perhaps, there is someone out there who went to a hospital because of fasting and that fact makes certain people pronounce anathema against it. But on the other side, there are probably millions of people that greatly benefited from fasting. All should be considered.

Fasting, in general, is quite an interesting topic. If you think about it almost every, major religion incorporates it. Spiritual teachers preach it. That is not just a coincidence especially given the fact that science backs it with evidence. It has been well known for millennia that both the body and the mind benefit greatly from fasting. I’ve recently gone on a 40 Day Christmas plant-based fasting, which is according with the Orthodox church here in Bulgaria. The results were amazing - dropped 4 kilos, got leaner, felt leaner, improved mood and focus, glowing skin and eyes, calmness and it just felt like my energy vibrated differently (in a good way).

Last but not least this comes as a gentle reminder that our body is something very complex, but smart. It is and forever will be our greatest “weapon” and the place that “hides” our potential.

Thank you for sharing this!

(Justin Brown) #3

Thanks for such a considered response @Presley. You make some really good points, and I was thinking about the spiritual part of fasting while I was doing this. In fact, at the very beginning of the fast @Ruda was encouraging me to go “above and beyond” and cut out the caffeine, which as you can see from the article was incredibly tough for me. I really crashed towards the end but go so much out of it. It was very much an emotional experience.

The whole time I had this article in mind while doing the fast. The article published here is something I’m quite proud of for a few reasons:

  • It’s based on a story while sharing a few ideas, which is a key focus of the rebirthed Ideapod
  • It’s created some conversations here, on Facebook and by email wherever it’s been shared
  • It covers the topic of “3 day fast” well enough that it now appears when you Google this

I was also thinking along similar lines when it comes to the polarity of opinions across so many different subject areas. Fasting is a great example. There are advocates and detractors everywhere. It really does depend on so many things, and particularly someone’s experience. @lachlan was keeping an eye on me doing the fast, thinking of doing one as well. He decided against it - an approach that makes sense for him.

Glad to hear about your own results too. I believe @ruda has recently achieved similar results with “intermittent fasting”.

(Kristine Evenson) #4

I wish I had seen your post before I started. It was very difficult for me. On the second day I had a small glass of juice. Thought my fast I reduced my amount of exercise. By the third day I felt light headed. The morning of my forth day, I ate a protein bar with vitals and minerals. I ate it slowly over the course of two hours. For lunch I had soup. For dinner I had a small meal with reduced calories. The 5th day I was back to a normal. For the first time in a long time my joints didn’t hurt and my skin was completely clear and I had more energy.

(Justin Brown) #5

It’s interesting to read about your experience @keven3811. I did my fast without having a specific symptom I wanted to work on. I just did it for the experience. So it’s very good to collect feedback here in the comments section about the impact fasting has had on you.

(Lori Brock) #6

Justin, it seems the headache you experienced may have been caused, at least partially, by caffeine withdrawal. I used to drink caffeinated drinks, and each time I quit, I would get a horrible headache that lasted 3 days. Your article was very informative otherwise. I’ve just started a 3-day water fast. I’ll write how mine went when it’s over.

(ACD) #7

I have done a four-day fast. I feel great after my first break-fast.

(Ann Baron Vukas) #8

Today, I finished a 3 day (72 hr) fast, and it was an interesting experience to say the least. The first day I had headaches, but they dissipated on the 2nd and 3rd days. My energy level was better on the 3rd day, and the thing that helped me the most was to take electrolyte pills each day. In fact by the 3rd day in the evening, I started getting a lot of achiness, so I took a couple of these pills and within 15 mins, felt much better. I also used distilled water, and took nothing else. It shows you how important minerals are, and not having enough can create problems. I also lost 5 lbs, but mainly did it because I heard it was beneficial for improving arthritis symptoms in ra. I will do it again in the future. I think that if you had taken electrolyte pills, you wouldn’t have had the racing heart issues and what not. They really do make a big difference.


I’m going on 48 hours in my second extended fast and was searching online for motivation to keep me going :blush: and remainders why I’m doing it! I strongly believe in benefits of fasting, but going on fast for nearly 48 hours one would start questioning ones sanity!
I think the key is Electrolytes to avoid unhealthy side effects, I make my own with mixture of different salts!
Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m staying strong for another day :blush:

(Jessica Lewis) #10

I just started my 3 day water fast. I did not prepare properly and it has been very difficult. I am almost 24 hours in and I have a smashing headache! I do not drink much caffeine, I have decaf tea and occasional black tea. I have chronic headaches and had one the past 2 days already and it has increased significantly. I also feel weak and a little hungry but not a huge appetite for food. My biggest challenge is mental clarity due to the headache. I am also wondering if I should add electrolytes. I did sleep well last night and hope the next 2 days goes by quickly.

Update: I made it on water and electrolytes and magnesium only!!!
Day 1: After I finished 24 hours I felt like I had the flu, sweating, body aches, severe headache.
Day 2: difficulty thinking, added electrolytes and felt slightly better.
Day 3: early on rash on my chest, flu like symptoms again.
1 hour from finishing: ready to be done and eat! No idea what I will eat…

(Jessica Lewis) #11

What do you use for your electrolyte mix?

(Brenda Whiteside) #12

I loved reading your experience with 3 day fasting. I do a 3 day water fast every month. I have had chronic lung issues my entire life. I’m 51 and the smallest cold can leave me seriously ill for months. I came across the university studies outlining their data on fasting as a way to boost the immune systems of people undergoing chemo therapy and was intrigued.

I find that for me I don’t really need to do much in the way of prep for my fast, but I’m very mindful to eat carefully afterwards. I break my fast with a banana and for the rest of the day I eat a puréed vegetable soup I make that also has ginger, garlic, lemon & garbanzos in it. Nourishing and easy on the pipes.

For me:
Day 1 - Usually a breeze with extra energy
Day 2- I feel a little depleted and moody
Day 3 - I have no energy and complex thought is difficult. According to my 17 year old daughter, by day 3 I’m also a complete bitch lol

The most amazing thing is that in the 8 months that I have been doing this routine, I have had 3 viral illnesses, 2 head colds and 1 chest cold, and I got sick and well like normal people. I had never had that experience before. Before I would always end up on high dose Prednisone and endless sessions with my nebulizer. I’m not expecting every future illness to resolve so easily, but if by fasting and renewing my immune system I can change the percentage of days (weeks & months even) that I’m ill, then I’m ALL IN.

(Tom Pruett) #13

My experience with a 3-day water only fast is that it is not enough.
The 3-day fast only covers the initial startup period. The 72-hour mark is truly the END of the unpleasant preparation for the Real results can begin. My last water fast was for 11 days and 11 hours (275 hours total). For the first 3 days, I experienced decreasing levels of hunger, and the occasional headache that I attribute to my brain whining for the daily caffeine that it was no longer receiving. AFTER 72 hours had passed by, all of that ended. I felt Supreme clarity of thought, Zero hunger, Deep Sleep Every Night, and a high level of productivity at work. The only drag on my daily life was a lower level of energy, so I avoided any Gym exercise during this time. In total, at the end of my 11 1/2 day water fast, i had lost 12 lbs.
The one caveat that I may suggest, (which was suggested by both my doctor and pharmacist) is that I took a double-dose of Centrum Silver multi-vitamin every day, as there are certain vitamins and minerals that your body needs to take the maximum advantage of a water fast.