I’m Mark... journey into my #whoswho


eleprocon, eleprocon
tell me an age old secret
eleprocon, eleprocon
where do you hide and keep it
you started with a word
this I have heard
and now I intend
to seek it

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I’ve been squatting here in Ideapod as “artist in residence” for too many ideas to remember.

Click here for a journey into my_ideapod, a gallery of insights and ponderings…

I'm Justin and this is my #whoswho

Love it. Time to get back into writing mode soon. As you can see, new articles on the site create discussions here.

Then in turn, when there’s activity happening in the discussions, the original article starts to appear in different places - starting with the front page.

Also the Ideapod Discussions is pretty customizable. AND - users can do the customizing! But you need to reach trust level 3… It takes time, so keep on reading, writing and interacting :slight_smile:


Oh one more thing @Eleprocon. If you’re stuck in writer’s block, revisit this salon hehehe: https://ideapod.com/salon-f-ck-perfection-register



LOL… this is my #whoswho, where’s our salon?


That is indeed a good point.

The past, present and future of Ideapod’s social network, with Mark’s Myth


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@eleprocon, FYI you can add topics with the hash tag. E.g. #eleprocon. It looks like it’s not linked right now, because there are no other posts that link to it. But keep on including #eleprocon and over time it appears as a tag.


Here is a conversation about #whyIdeapod which seems to go hand in hand with my #whoswho