I’m on Antidepressants


It’s my first time to use Antidepressants. I’ve been prescribed Loxx or Duloxetine 30mg for my depression. So far, I’ve used it for the past 2 days and I’ve been feeling numb. I never felt happy or the “good mood” that my friend was talking about. One perfect example was when I was crossing a busy street and I didn’t care about the noise and the cars and all the pedestrians. It doesn’t work like Modafinil which gives you a tunnel vision and treats the ADHD in me. I just felt neither happy nor sad. The side effects were the headaches and the vomitting sensation. I had to go to a doctor to be prescribed Serc which is anti-vertigo. The word “anti depressant” is kinda a misnomer because if you are neither happy nor sad, what kind of emotion is that? I thought that the opposite of depression is happiness and not numbness or apathy. I’ve been struggling against depression whole my life. And I only sought help now. I used to take Lithium Carbonate but it wasn’t effective at all. I felt nothing with that. The psychiatrist told me that antidepressants would treatment my manic side, being bipolar. But so far, it’s the opposite: it made me a zombie like creature devoid of any emotions. I’m still discovering the effects of Loxx or Cymbalta in US. It’s just 2 days and I need at least 1 week to see the full effects. I’m going to update this blog soon.


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