I’m Phil and this is my #whoswho


First of all, kudos to @justinbrown for creating this visionary exchange of thought which I have been enjoying for some time now, recently becoming a prime member.

I discovered Ideapod on a search for places where I could find partners to develop a concept which intersects with many of the themes that permeate this site.

My regular work is as a film maker, mostly for organisations. It has taken me around the world and into into the factories, warehouses, offices, retail outlets and banks of our shared economic culture; into education, healthcare, onto the drawing boards and construction sites of our world makers, onto the stages and into the publishing houses of our dream makers. My favourite area of endeavour is science, and I have been fortunate to have worked in universities and companies across Europe.

Work is only a part of my life. I am a parent, I have friends, a partner, a house - all connections feeding into a deeper understanding of the world and how it works.

Through all this there has been one abiding passion - a search for the truth, for a deeper meaning. For a sense of purpose.

After a lifetime searching, of asking “Why?” I think I have something valuable to share on the subject. I am looking forward to connecting with people who are interested in that journey!


It’s lovely to meet you here @phileastabrook! There are many interesting themes in your #whoswho that I’m interested to explore. I’m also glad that the overall intent of Ideapod is pretty clear.

Do you have any videos you’ve created that you’re able to share here? YouTube and Vimeo embed pretty well if you share a link.

What’s the concept you’re looking to work on?


I am pleased to meet you. It is my belief our purpose is to use our mind to create. It took me over 70 years to discover that but once I did, and started to develop it was a marvelous feeling. A lot of dopamine helps, I enjoy the creativity of others as I have much to learn. I will be adding many ideas here on Ideapod.


@phileastabrook great to have you here!

Looking forward to peek inside your head and hear your insights and ideas. Sounds like lots going on in there.

Speaking of the “why”…


Thank you for the reply, I am honoured! I was expecting a long and probably surreal chat with Ideapodbot.

I know from the outside this will seem odd, but the films I make are mostly for organisations so I would have to check that they were happy to show them here. The films would also need editing for a general audience. I am keen to make my own films on topics that are connected to the theme I’m working on and it would be wonderful to be able to share them here.

I will put something shortly in the Ideas Journal (assuming that is the right place) about the concept I am working on. I am a bit nervous about failing to communicate it effectively in a public forum so I want to refine it before posting.


Hello Eleprocon!

Thank you for the welcome and the fascinating insight into the inspiration of the name. Too many links for me to follow all of them - I’ve already spent the time I should have spent writing wandering round the rabbit hole!

I hope you’ll find my thoughts at least entertaining.


Fantastic. The #ideajournal is a good place to share something even if it’s not fully formed. I’m hoping this can be a place for the Ideapod community to join forces, building upon ideas together and also gathering resources from around the web (e.g. sharing links under the original topic posted).

Another place could be sharing an article for publication here: https://ideapod.com/contribute

There will be some changes coming soon to how all of this operates. Looking forward to learning from how Ideapod is used. This will impact the changes that come.


@phileastabrook glad that you found Ideapod. Looking forward to connect and share.