Ideapod is soliciting "raw thoughts, unfinished as they may be" and I will do what I can to help fill the void


One of the problems I have had all my life is finding others to have a conversation with. There are reasons. I grew up on science fiction and made a living doing things that had their foundation in science. My last position before retiring was spending 14 years developing mass spectrometers. I do miss working, all my life I enjoyed what I did; going to work was like getting paid to do my hobbies.

I have many science-related hobbies and when in a conversation with someone I am likely to attempt to discuss all of them at once. It is not difficult, and if I connect with someone after years separation, I can pick up our last conversation without missing a beat. Unfortunately, they most often have no recollection of the conversation.

My science and science fiction was based on technology and how what we were currently doing and might do more in the future. There was nothing related to philosophy or religion, so that made no impression on me. The heroes in the stories had to do real things in real worlds to accomplish their goals. You may ask what about all the high fantasy based fiction, and I point out that to the unimaginative that technology often appears like magic.

I am currently writing a science fiction screenplay and two or three other imaginative stories. Doing such has allowed me to create rational explanations of how the universe and all the laws within came about and where our dreams come from. I am a prolific dreamer and remember a lot and use its ideas in my creative writing.

I am always trying to learn from the people I talk with; I may take a position on a topic I know they do not agree with (even if I do) because I hope they will educate me on why I may believe what I do. I am learning that the world is not black and white but a lot of shades of gray. Some movies or TV shows that I once thought were the best; now I see they have many flaws. Much of what I enjoyed is still good, but not everything is as good as I once thought.

Even my opinion of Ideapod is different today than it was when I discovered it years ago.

For the science types out there, how does a photon move through that block of glass without getting lost along the way? How about, the new chess AI, are we learning from it how to play better chess or is that something we can not know? Why does the universe need the quantum eraser to work, what if it did not, what would it matter? And finally, Mahler’s 1st is best, agree or disagree?

Like a tineid to the flame. What is the best way to gain a transfer of ideas here on Ideapod?

Hey, Bill,
I too was involved in Science type things and graduated in 1960 with a B.A.Sc. in the Aeronautical option of what was known as Engineering Physics, (later renamed Engineering Science, because we took a lot of chemistry as well). I never went further because of money problems, and because I already had my first stuff in space at age 26! Later on I had a major role in the design and development of the Canadarm on the US Space Shuttle.

Life handed me a number of curves and, after early retirement and decades in the poor house, I am now a guided writer on the meaning of life based on both Science and Philosophy, plus my life experience that include five heart attacks, several mini-strokes and two out-of-body experiences.

Perhaps you could look at my Amazon author site as Jesuis Laplume and decide on whether we should talk about Pure Information, consciousness and why Science says there is strange action at a distance when Ancient Philosophy shows us this is really a reality of the universe as it is.

Your Science Fiction books could likely be richer and more fun if I had a chance to talk to you.

Try looking at and you can decide to contact me. LoL
“If you aren’t laughing at life, you don’t understand it well enough - Yet!”


Interesting Amazon site, it has a lot of questions. Your “About” also asks questions. I believe I know their answers; I am just a servant and am where I need to be.

I sent you a FB friend request, you can know me better by what I post. What are your hobbies?