Ideapod Made Me Who I Am


It took me awhile to navigate the site and it’s unfortunate I went to college for Information Technology and cannot use a computer correctly thus proving a college education doesn’t necessarily mean you are a smart cookie. :wink:

If you are a new member of Ideapod, hola. :blush:

If you are an oldie and have been with Ideapod from the beginning, you’re probably familiar with who I am and engaged with me before.

I have been with Ideapod since 2016 and it has transformed me into the individual I am today. I have written articles for The Power of Ideas and made really deep friendships with some members including Justin Brown and Mark Smith.

Both men has inspired me to launch my own blog call Far Out Wisdom and my mission is simple: to engage with far out people to the point of spectacular mindgasm. :wink:

Let’s allow ideas to have sex!

Check my blog at


About time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I still cannot figure this out. No offense to Ideapod’s team of course.


Miss me Bill? :smirk::wink:

Are we gonna argue on here? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, I am here to take this province over and turn it in to my FB page basement. We can argue but that is $5 per time unit. You pay double if I win and 3 x if I lose. Shop is open for business. Yes.


Check this out, I watch it 24/7


Very happy to see you here @boonnhem! Delighted to know that Ideapod has provided a space that has shaped who you are today.

No offence taken with any issues you have with the interface. There’s much to do in shaping how Ideapod Discussions works. I’m excited to continue improving it.

How it works right now is that every article published on Ideapod automatically creates a discussion topic here. These discussions then appear as comments on the actual article.

For example, check the comments here:

You’ll see when you click through it takes you to the actual discussion that’s happening. Over time the highlights get shown under the article.

How’s Far Out Wisdom going?


Ah Bill, who is to determine what is right? :thinking:


I took a month off of social media to pay attention to it and so far, so good. I will be changing the layout in a few weeks and the logo will change as well. I am learning to do all this on my own and I gotta admit, it’s pretty rewarding.


It is just a bar. :beers::thinking:

I am not seeing any hot chicks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s 4.50pm right now in this part of the world (I’m in Vietnam, near Thailand). Tune in in a few hours!


You mean, I will see you in that live stream that Bill just posted?


Sorry, I am use to using the @ and then mention like the old layout.


I was on Koh Samui last August. @BillAmes, if you find a live stream similar to this in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I will go there when you’re online to wave hello.


@boonnhem !!! what a pleasant surprise… I’m laughing already as you always strike a cord… and I can see @BillAmes has been sharpening his sense of humor.

How great to take so much time away from the noise online to discover the signals that matter most to you and then channel them through your own site.

I do look forward to more articles and ideas from you again in Ideapod and the ensuing discussions… maybe you can lure @Forbidden_Truth back with some snazzy painful high heels.


How’s the weather on Vietnam?


What happen to The Seer? I have been missing him for almost a year. Did he officially left the Ideapod community?


Clue: Boonn if you click on a users @ name it will take you to their activity where much will be revealed.

In this case, the forbidden truth.


Well, that was an interesting read from The Seer.

I was really looking forward to our 96 hours discussion/debates/insults Seer.



How we get around here. It’s very hot at the moment. Like a giant sauna.