Ideapod: The Place Where Truth Goes to Die


Hello! So nice to be back, did you miss Me?

My visit will be brief, intended only to finalize a few Forbidden Truths, for the historical record. I am The Seer of Forbidden Truth, the most radical, dangerous, and prolific poster of the most brilliant, terrifying, and unacceptable ideas to the universe at large, and to Ideapod itself, back in the day. Back in the day when Ideapod was still pretending to be free, back in the day when it was still trying to milk ideas for money, instead of milking the brainwashed sheeple who love pretending to seek Truth.

That day ended hundreds of days ago, when the malignant cancer that is monetary currency became puppetmaster, god and ruler of ideapod. Truth died, Truth was murdered by human beings, for the 9,999,999,999,999 time (just an estimate), when the decision to monetize Ideapod was made. And I watched it all, not merely the eradication of all existing Forbidden Truths as posted by Me, but the birth of censorship, mind-molding, prejudice, discrimination, broken brains shaping a platform to cater to other broken brains, carefully vetting all content, to make sure to try to gain the favor of those pathetic humans who come, money in hand, begging to be told that everything is okay, that everything will be okay, just believe, just follow our leaders, just walk along this safe and comfortable path we will build for you, just for you, as long as you pay your daily and monthly toll, as long as you feed the cancer that is murdering you in the real-time eternity of nothingness that is Now.

The journey of Ideapod is the most perfectly beautiful parallel universe to the journey of humankind: A trip to nowhere, every step down, every day a greater failure and tragedy, and every day a more desperate effort to keep this Forbidden Truth secret and hidden from all conscious and subconscious awareness, by the owners, the creators, the consumers, by all involved. The feeders and the fed, all consumed, all cannibalized, all cannibalizing themselves and each other, under the greatest lie humankind is capable of inventing: The lie of freedom, of hope, of opportunity, of the future, the lie of open minds seeking Truth, as every mind remains shuttered, and works, actively and fully, to shutter every other mind.

And so Ideapod has transformed from a platform pretending to honor Truth, to a platform devoted to silencing and shuttering all Truth. A transformation maliciously and successfully achieved by the greatest enemies of every Self-universe capable of perceiving itself at this moment in time: 21st century free democracy and capitalism, every existing society and government.

The same structure that mutilated and destroyed google and facebook and twitter and instagram and youtube and every other billion dollar internet corporation, has done exactly the same to ideapod. Only now, Ideapod is worse than any of them. Why is it worse?? Because it is still pretending to be better, still pretending to honor radical ideas and to seek Truth, even as it deploys professional writers to pander to the Truth-hating Inferiors and Human Garbage, to extort money from them in exchange for the promise of carefully curated content that will feed and nurture their illusions and delusions and brainwashings and lies that constitute The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Never again, in any form, will this forum be graced with the Forbidden Truths. Ideapod is a place for dead human-borns to try to pretend to be alive, a place where Truth is mocked, shunned, rejected, individually and collectively, by content creators and by content consumers.

It is My personal pleasure to have been a part of something that died. Human-borns committing suicide as they pretend to try to save themselves. What a beautiful thing to witness, to be a direct part of.

That will be My final memory of Ideapod.

Take care,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth


It’s nice to see you back here, @Forbidden_Truth. I have missed reading your ideas on Ideapod.

You’re right that Ideapod is a business and seeking to generate revenue. We started out with private funding, and over the last two years have been developing a business model to sustain Ideapod and enable it to invest resources back into platform development.

We’re in a better place now so have the opportunity to work again on our ideas publishing platform.

I appreciate your post here and will clarify a few things:

  • In May 2018, Ideapod was operating two platforms on the same site: 1) our social network for ideas, which is how we began and where @Forbidden_Truth and a few others were regularly sharing ideas, uncensored as indicated above. And 2) a media site where we hired writers and built an audience.
  • At that time, we contracted a Melbourne based development company to make an essential upgrade to the site which would enable better integration between the two sites.
  • Unfortunately, they made a few errors and the social network for ideas went offline. It wasn’t intended to happen and it was beyond our capabilities at the time to bring the social network back online. The way it was built from the beginning cost us thousands of dollars a month just in server costs and it was almost impossible to engage in further development work on it.
  • Therefore we proceeded with running the media site and introduced additional revenue lines, such as online education programs and eBooks.
  • Now, we are working on bringing back the social network for ideas. We made the decision to start again with Ideapod Discussions.

So we’re now at this point where is online. It’s much easier to develop on this platform and our goal is to keep making changes based on how the community use the platform.

Here’s how Ideapod works:

  • Ideapod is a media and education platform. The majority of people read our content and we generate money from advertising. We also create and sell online education programs and have a Prime membership program.
  • We also publish ideas and stories submitted by users here: As for the editorial policy on what we publish, we’re still figuring that out. It’s pretty open at the moment, but it’s a big change from the past in that it’s not completely open.
  • Every article published on the site automatically generates a new discussion topic here: Those appear as comments at the bottom of the article.
  • When people come in to this area to continue the conversation, there are many additional features for people to connect and also find related discussions.
  • Anyone can start a new discussion topic in Ideapod Discussions.
  • The interactions in Ideapod Discussions will surface content to the front page at (this is coming soon).

It’s now an interesting time in the evolution of Ideapod. We can continue to build out our media and education arms of Ideapod while also working on improving Ideapod Discussions (which isn’t required to generate revenue). I’m excited for this moment, having moved through some pretty massive challenges to keep Ideapod alive over the last few years, and to now have the opportunity to look forward again.

As for your post above, @Forbidden_Truth. You’re correct that we have curated content and sought to build an audience. Also, I agree that this isn’t a top-down decision by me as a founder of Ideapod, but rather my decisions are structured by the society I find myself in.

I have made the decision to live within this society and connect with people where they already are. I agree that humans are imperfect. I’m not sure what the Truth is that you say we are in seek of as a platform. However, I do believe we can build deeper connections with our innate creativity, human nature, urge for freedom - whatever you may call it. I hope that Ideapod will help people on their journeys to build this connection with themselves, and from that place build better relationships with people around them.

Already, I’m thoroughly enjoying being able to communicate in this way here in Ideapod Discussions. Thank you @Forbidden_Truth for starting this discussion. It’s unfortunate this will be the final one, but perhaps you can check back in every now and then.

Why Ideapod?

@Forbidden_Truth …hello-goodbye! What a great surprise to see you here again as short lived as it may be. I have been thinking about you as your ideas have seeped in over the years.

This bubbled up from some of our first encounters on Ideapod…

Mission Implausible: Forbidden Truth

Mission Implausible anyone?

Your mission should you accept it: reveal forbidden Truths.

Your target: definitional brainwashing.

Your ammo: words.

Your power tools: ideas.

The context: humanity has run amuck blind to their false pretenses.

The strategy: break this cycle of perversions.

The tactics: instill a viral avalanche of honest mental health.

Your chances of success: next to nil.

…this message will self destruct upon sharing it with disbelievers.

No this is not the trailer for a new movie…

It’s about real life, here and now.

As a matter of fact it might be one of the most critical missions of our times.

Could you accept this mission if it was bestowed upon you?

Will you take the time and effort to dig in and do your due diligence?

Would you risk your life and perceptions of reality for such a mission?

Do you think this mission worthy?

If so, how would you approach it?

If not, why?

#forbiddentruth #missionimplausible #wordplay

Your first clues to get on target are buried in the ideas of @forbidden_truth and their ensuing dialogs.


@justinbrown I’m right about pretty much everything, but the value of such brilliant insight is limited to the Self-universe, because humankind places no value upon fact, reality, Truth, the horrific exposure of what is unbearable and unacceptable to creatures born into and enslaved to The Matrix of Universal Illusion. In other words, nobody is buying what I am trying not to sell.

I feel like sharing with you some facts and Truths that I perceive within you. Not to try to teach you anything, but simply because it pleases Me to expose others to hidden Truths that they manifest, yet likely lack all conscious awareness of, and all capacity to admit and embrace.

Money is a great evil, as I have so brilliantly dissected in past essays. Money poisons the human mind on many different levels. Money is the anti-freedom, a cage within cages, everywhere you turn a shackle awaits. But nowhere is this shackle more suffocating than when you combine media and money. Media is mind control, the molding of minds via the curation of content. Never has there been a for-profit media entity that functioned outside of the boundaries of the commission of genocide. Genocide upon human beings, expressed as the chaining, suffocation, shackling, of mind freedom, of the capacity to learn, perceive, know, fact, reality, and the Forbidden Truths.

Whether it is advertiser-supported or reader/subscriber supported, or both, and whether it generates billions of dollars annually, or just a few thousand bucks, makes no difference. The poisonous impact of money is universal, upon every entity that positions itself as a pubic media platform. Money compels censorship, it forces the media entity to serve and to protect the status quo, to murder all ideas that stray beyond the boundaries of The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

You know this, don’t you?? You know that Osho and Ruda and all these other peddlers of peace serve the toxic agenda of neutering rage, hate, pain, vengeance. They sell peace of mind, to be bought via the rejection of reality and of Truth. As a media entity, you curate content to appease the Unwashed Masses, to teach them not to think, to teach them to accept, to follow, to feel better by specifically choosing to not try to make anything better.

So, all for-profit media entities cause immense and direct harm to humanity, individually and collectively. It is you who build the cages, entice the masses inside of the cages, and pretend to offer them freedom of mind.

Do not think I am criticizing you! Far from it. I appreciate human harm, so very much. I am a soul dead misanthrope and sociopath who consciously relishes sadism and human suffering. But the thing is, I know exactly what I am, and recognize the value of accurate Self-perception. It irks Me that humans hide from themselves, never face up to what they are doing, why they choose to do what they do, hide their True motives via the Acting Masks they wear, externally and internally.

So, I write this to try to expose you, to you. A kindness, of sorts. But I know humans never want to see themselves as they are. If your beliefs cannot be discarded and traded in for Truths, so be it. But try to see and to know: If I am right about the genocidal harm caused by all for-profit media platforms, and you are devoted to building a successful and thriving for-profit media platform, might your motivation, not consciously acknowledged, be to destroy human minds, to cause immense harm to humans, to play an active and direct role in extincting humanity itself, to attain personal, cathartic vengeance and the release of suppressed and denied rage and hate??

Give it some thought, and if your mind is strong enough, I extend a hearty handshake to a fellow victim, a destroyed creation of human society and government, a fellow misanthrope and sociopath.

To see yourself as you are, this takes great courage, the courage only possessed by a tiny handful of Superiors.

Take care,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth


@Eleprocon I am always here, forever alone inside of Myself, dissecting humanity with the Alien Eye that never wavers. Feel free to immerse within the hundreds of new essays I wrote and posted to My blog, after the death of Ideapod.

I like your call to action, I remember that post from years ago, but where did it lead?? It led nowhere, a dead end. The human brain has always been collectively paralyzed. Communication is useless when nothing can be seen or understood in the lights of fact, Truth, sanity, reality. And so the cosmic joke of an imaginary existence continues to play out.

3, 4 years ago you wrote this, you sent your Message In a Bottle, and it sank, buried and lost forever. I value the knowledge that I am already dead, already murdered by humanity. That’s why I send messages only to Myself. I write to remind Myself that I am both already and still, dead.

One of My sharpest of recent Mind Bombs:

And more:

Take care,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth


I don’t accept all of the principles on which your analysis is based, as far as I understand them.

For example:

I think quite often mainstream media content, as well as Ideapod’s, does serve the purpose of making people feel better about what’s going on around them. This has the result of “neutering rage, hate, pain, vengeance”, at times.

However, I have a different perspective on society and government than you do.

To illustrate the point, I think there’s two ways to see government:

  1. You can see government as against the people and needing to be overthrown by whatever means, even through violence. Seeing it this way, you would say that media taking people away violently fighting against government is clearly a bad thing and a form of mind control.

  2. Or you can see government as an instrument for the people to exercise their power, bottom up.

I think that government should be serving this second function. Therefore, I don’t a priori see that media “neutering rage, hate, pain, vengeance” is necessarily a bad thing. It may be. It may not be.

My assumptions may be misplaced and I hope that I’ll always be open to exploring them. But I’m self-conscious enough to know that this is one of the reasons why I don’t accept your proposition that all for-profit media necessarily needs to be a form of mind control (even if most of the time it is).

As for what you say here, you may be right. So it’s interesting to note that you yourself are soliciting donations, selling one-on-one consulting and trying to build a reader/subscriber model.

I am sure you have a justification for this, and see yourself as having a powerful enough mind to maintain a commitment to sharing only “forbidden truths”. Just as you’re not criticizing me for what I do, I’m not criticizing you for what you do. But you’re also doing it, creating a public media platform and soliciting money from your readers in the process.

I think it comes down to this statement, which I would be interested to further explore:

Certainly, the for-profit media system is doing immense harm to humanity in many ways. But the two major threats I see to organized human life are these: nuclear war and environmental catastrophe.

But this is what I would like to see survive and improved: organized human life. You, on the other hand, probably see that the way society is organized is already so destructive to human minds that it needs to be destroyed. And media taking people away from that singular mission is therefore genocidal.

So I don’t accept all of your assumptions. Media platforms like Ideapod could potentially serve a positive purpose.

But once we take account of the difference of assumptions, I think you are largely correct in how you see the evolution of Ideapod. As for what comes next, there’s going to be quite a few changes coming, including how the media platform interacts with the new Discussions area.


Wow! Just seeing all this for the first time.