If there is only one God, why are there so many religions?

(Boo Esmay) #21

If we all wore the same clothes life would be very boring
We could run around naked of course

(Mechelle Bowles) #22

Just a thought…

God/spirit reveals itself to people in a way that each person/culture can easily understand.

Our human minds are not able to truly comprehend ‘God’ so we understand God by making it relatable, culturally relevant.
Different religions are simply the different ways that people relate to the same god.

(Thajma Amith) #23

There are some religions that do not revolve around the idea of God. For example Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy. God or no God , the basis of any religion is the idea of good. The way people approached the idea of good is different. The difference arises as a result of their culture and traditions. So what we practice as religion now is not the ‘pure’ form instead it’s a mixture of both religion and our cultures and traditions. Moreover I believe that religion is something personal and speaks to each individual differently. Trying to enforce my beliefs would not benefit anyone unless someone wants to follow it. I am not talking about the basics of any religion , that is , saying prayers etc but my focus here is certain practices and ideologies that we carry under the name of religion. In essence religion is something that keeps people in check by reminding them that there’s a invisible force or power monitoring us. Religion is the intermediary between our past and life’s after death.

(Robert Armbrust) #24

To all the wisdom seekers, (my humble opinion)
God doesn’t belong to any religion. He was pre-religion. I’m not sure God is the best term, " the Divine," the “ALL” or the one I prefer is the eastern “the Ocean of Pure Awareness”. By the way almost all the NDE’ers, the ones who have left this simulation, jumped up to a higher frequency level and came back, all refer to him as “the Source.” Understand at your current level of understanding, that will change over time. Seek and dig deep but don’t try to rush things too much, the Universe has a timetable of its own.

(Maria Teresa Fronteras) #25

I agree with you or maybe because human used to follow what is written in the books that full of rules and regulation. And speaking of history people made it.

(Maria Teresa Fronteras) #26

Haha absolutely right but i think its not boring if all of us used to grow in one God and one religion but sad to say we are different.