If you are alone in your thoughts what can you do to improve the likelihood you will meet others who are interested in the world, others like yourself? RTU


We need a problem statement, a concise description of the issue to be addressed, a condition that must be improved upon. Focusing on the facts, the problem statement is designed to address the Five Ws.

Who was involved?
Myself, Ideapod management and one other podders.

What happened?
Eleven new thoughts were entered over almost a month. The number of views was low and the number of replies nearly zero.

When did it take place?
It started with my post of 19 Feb 2019

Where did it take place?
The Idea Journal area that is described as “This is the place to journal your ideas. Share your raw thoughts, unfinished as they may be, and help others by building upon their thoughts with them.”

Why did that happen?
Insufficient quantity of passers-by with time and curiosity and the desire to share their thoughts.

My take at the problem statement. I am sure others will have their own opinion, and only a successful solution will identify who is most correct.

If we (Ideapod flavored minds) could send a link to selected demographic types worldwide what would have to be at this portal to keep them engaged? If I were building a shop in a mall, I would know what I wanted to sell, and I would know my clientele — same for a hotel, or a car, or a book or a TV show.

It is possible that the Idea Journal has such low activity because it is not in the best location. You know, that famous phrase, what are the three most important reasons for a successful business? “Location, location and location!”

If a passerby finds (or is taken to) Ideapod’s leading portal, they will be shown much for a specific demographic. There are some top menus and under each some links to specific categories of information and other generic links. Statistically, it would appear that access Idea Journal would be a low probability.

Once we are in view of Idea Journal, it is sharing the page with a lot of other stuff, and it is not at all clear what a first-time visitors are expected to do at this point in their journey.

It is a given that the purpose (business model?) of Ideapod is not to provide me a canvas for my creative ideas, no matter how few might enjoy them. The success of any part of ideapod will depend on what it has to offer to people, all of the people, and how easy or difficult it is to discover the content. I am not getting any feedback; I do not know if my efforts are appreciated, useful or even meaningful. This makes it difficult to tell in which direction to move the pen or argue with Grammarly!

Only the captain of the Ideapod ship can plot the course, he or she has all the latest charts and weather forecasts, knows which shores have rocks or patrons with pockets of gold. I will continue to do what I can to trim the sails and from the crow’s nest announce new things worth investigating.


@BillAmes thanks for all the feedback.

The #ideajournal isn’t the primary route for users sharing ideas. Rather, www.ideapod.com/contribute is. We also have writers creating many articles as well.

Any published article automatically creates a discussion topic in #discussions. So I’m hoping this is the path for users to engage with the ideas publishing interface.

Online courses are are big focus for us as well. The next version of Out of the Box is going to be available in the coming weeks. Also, another course titled Taking Responsibility is also going to be launched soon.

Online courses by Ideapod will mostly utilize this Ideapod Discussions area in private groups.

Also, soon the front page of Ideapod will display the articles that are getting the most engagement inside here on Ideapod Discussions. That front page is going to make it easier for people to choose a few different paths with Ideapod.

I think that things aren’t all that clear right now. We have rebuilt the site on a new server and I’m hoping that the improved interface will be available towards the end of the week.

I appreciate what you said about Ideapod needing a more explicitly stated purpose. I think that’s correct and I’m working on it.


Thank you for providing feedback, that is important to me. I do not like to post anything that is controversial, but I am so connected to science that many have no idea what I talk about. Here are a few thoughts on your comments.

About the explicitly stated purpose, I recently posted some thoughts on the ideapod pages, and I think I implied they must support the ideapod purpose. If you have a goal, you can better evaluate the pages (as I outlined.) Some websites do the pages and then try to base their mission on what the web designers thought was wanted. Does not work IMO.

The Idea Journal works much better for me than the old Ideapod. I have all the photos I need, all taken by me, and I try to match my comments to something I have.

Raw thoughts, unfinished is more me, I have so many opinions. The other area, “topics appearing here are the stories and ideas directly posted to Ideapod” is too formal and I can see by what is there that I would have a limited target demographic. I can write things that encourage people to think and create; I do not have any advice to those suffering all of the maladies the typical Ideapod article is addressing if you can turn a profit addressing their needs, more power to you.

The kind of problems I can address is an artist who has lost the creative will, who needs ideas and encouragement. Not the ones ready to jump into the river, your guys can fix that.

If you are going to teach things that is a beautiful idea, I have two classes on Masterclass. I paid and barely started. Had to move to Florida and got distracted.

I am going off track a little now; I happened to catch a few minutes of the all-night radio program that are just discussion by interesting but slightly nutty people and the “callers.” Having online discussions like that would not work for me, that is, so many people (we are talking science now, I avoid all politics and religion) have no clue about science stuff. Did you know that “science people” really do not agree on how light gets transmitted through glass? And most would not care. Science is a tough subject.

It is my current goal to help you make Ideapod into something I can use for my purpose, that is, it must meet your needs, and I will tag along. If you want my specific opinions on something, I will give them if asked. I can do that via email at any time.

Once you have your “explicitly stated purpose” I will offer comments but only if asked. If you ever ask for my professional opinion I will give it without restraint; I will not lie. I am currently signed up for a website that offers “surveys” that you can take to make a few dollars. It is amazing how poor they are and how many constrain how they ask questions, so they get the answers they want.

When I am on Facebook, I am in groups where I share common interests with people around the world. Many are creative. And there I am, 75 years old trying to mentor a room full of cats with so many different opinions (and their use of English is not always that good.) However, it is not hard to meet like-minded people. Will I ever be able to do that with ideapod?

What do you want Ideapod to be in 12 years? What are you doing to reach that goal? Is there a reason some netizen needs Ideapod? Would help, right?