If you can only impart one lesson to your current or future children, what would it be?

(Justin Brown) #1

Let’s explore it together.

(Barry McCormack) #2

Mine would definitely be:- Believe in yourself.
By that I don’t mean you won’t make mistakes. For instance, if you don’t believe that you are capable of writing a popular song, the fact is it might take many tries before you write one that people like but if you believe in yourself you might keep trying and in doing that, you will learn from your mistakes just like you learned language as a child.
The opposite of course is to allow that thought loop to defeat you that you are incapable or not worthy or whatever and that is not a way to enjoy life.
I know this post only asked for one lesson but another comes to mind. My parents taught me to always try to leave every place and situation in the same state or better as you found it.

(Bill Ames) #3

Do no harm. Simple, but it will be most helpful no matter who runs the place and they to will be replaced.

(Mark's Myth) #4

Hang on… I’ll have to ask them…

(Murukessan Angappan) #5

This too will pass

Courtesy Sakyamuni Buddha

(Neil Simpson) #6

To find that one thing in life that you can not imagine being without; that thing that drives you and is so much apart of who you are that life would make less since if it were missing. To find your passion and be passionate about all that life has to offer and that despite all the hardships, disappointments and sorrow that will come your way it is the greatest gift the universe has created: to be a human being.

(Jesuis Laplume) #7

After decades of work on this, as well as guided writing (when I did not really want to be guided at first), my advice to my children would be along the lines of:

“You have a Destiny, as a human being, of becoming a Great example of living Love!
That will entail you learning a lot about what Love, in its many aspects, both IS and can be!
There is a lot of garbage out there, but you have access to an internal source of Truth”

Although I have written extensively about Love, my marketing has been very poor indeed!

So far, my children refuse to even look at what I have written; they are into secular values!

(Marie Viant) #8

When you do not know something just ask. This was given to me by Liz in my team some time ago, she got it from her mother. Looks like very simple but simple is not easy. I like this as it fulfill one of my core value: be curious and learn. Now, admitting sometimes that you do not know something requires humility, honesty and courage for a super introvert like me. It is so must easier to let go and not being interested. Asking when you do not know is great to engage a conversation and you do not need to agree the response if you are truly skeptical about the answer. Being connected, that’s one basic human need. Thank you if you read this.