I'm Bill and this is my #whoswho


I am a senior citizen living in Melbourne Florida. Previously I lived in Connecticut where I made my living as a Senior Software Quality Assurances Engineer. I enjoy having discussions and had posted may things on the original Ideapod and I expect to meet many of the fine people I got to know back then.


Very nice to see you here again @BillAmes.

Ideapod Discussions is a new part of Ideapod. It’s where the conversations happen.

Anyone can submit an article for publication here: https://ideapod.com/contribute

Each article that is published on the site automatically creates a new topic under #discussions. The conversation that is created appears as comments under the article.

Additionally, anyone can post in #ideajournal and #whoswho as you’ve done for both. The more you use Ideapod Discussions, the more you’ll be able to do.

Looking forward to more interactions soon!


Glad to be back. I am not sure which to use, Discussions or Idea Journal. Please advise.


Post in #ideajournal the conversations you want to start.

Share suggestions for improvement in #site-feedback.

This platform is easier to develop on so we’ll be able to make regular improvements.


Welcome back @BillAmes hope all went well with your move and life is treating you well!


I have been waiting for this place to hang out its new shingle. I have been practicing my writing and thinking so I have much to say and show. Good to be back.