I'm Justin and this is my #whoswho


It’s pretty special to be here writing the very first #whoswho in Ideapod Discussions. It’s not the first #whoswho I’ve written for Ideapod, which has transformed in a number of ways over the years.

I remember a few years ago walking along the sand dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park with @Ruda and he asked me to do a question.

As we approached the final stages of our walk, he asked me to imagine that I’m about to die and be born again. If I could bring only one thing from my current life with me to my next life, what would it be.

My answer was simple. It would be my life force. The energy source deep within I feel connected to when I’m in the “flow state”.

To answer the question of “who am I”, I would respond that I am this life force. This is who I am to my core.

I love connecting with people from this place. Ideapod is all about helping people to understand the ways in which ideas form their identities so they can be empowered to break free and connect with their own life force. We form cyber tribes here, supporting each other on this journey.

I look forward to meeting you in this new discussion area. There are many ways in which you can shape it. Please do explore the different categories and make suggestions.

In the meantime, I look forward to reading your own #whoswho.


@Eleprocon, over to you for your #whoswho


I’m whowhoing over here… my #whoswho for all to explore


@jeanette and @SuzanneTaylor would love to see your #whoswho


Hello Justin,thanks for starting this new discussion area ! I am happy to be part of it.So,what we are discussing ?


@PKK25 thanks for being here. You could start a new topic in this #whoswho section and introduce yourself… Tell us who you are, how you found your way here…


Hi Justin! This is a great site and I am proud to be part of the community you are nurturing. Great work and deeply appreciated!


@oknot2 thanks so much! Would love to know more about you in #whoswho!


I am Ranjini and thus my #whoswho.My identity was the question in my very first yoga class in Detroit and we all had to formulate sentences ;
like-I am Ranjini
I am a mother
I am a wife
I am a mother of two young men
i am a woman
i am a daughter
i am a body
Then recently -i was reading where we are to see our bodies as outside of ourselves as we are not these bodies actually-not our mind either, but what is inside-a flickering spiritual light -which is the same everywhere and in connection to the eternal power!
So I am that light inside that body here to learn my purpose, serve the higher eternal Light-LOVE, and connect with others!


Hi Ranjani
Nice to meet you and I hope you find nourishment for your journey here.


Thanks Phil!Appreciate it!


Hi Justin, just joined Ideapod. Thanks for creating this platform. Love the idea.

I guess I will do my #whoswho here.

My name is Soojin and I am a mom, student, and a pharmacist. I have a personal mission to make healthcare better for all globally by supporting patient safety and quality improvement in all healthcare systems…sounds grand? I know…

I believe in the possibility though. I can almost hear people’s silent screams, dying because of lack of communications due to various reasons, including language barriers, sometimes not knowing they are harmed by healthcare systems. Platforms like Ideapod can make things happen, I believe. I imagine a platform of multilingual healthcare practitioners being able to help patients globally and patients can talk freely in their own languages. It was one of the reasons how my dad ended up dying and how I became a pharmacist; he and I suffered from swiss cheese hole model of healthcare in US and a direct cause was a complication from multiple hypoglycemia from insulin.

Would love to connect with people who care about global healthcare. All of us will be patients someday and all healthcare systems need serious help to prevent medical harms.