I'm Mark DeNicola - Here's My Who's Who


Hey Everyone!

I initially stumbled upon Ideapod content through Jay Shetty, and have been reading the site’s content for quite some time. I personally own a social media consultation business, but I also have a passion for creating brutally honest personal development articles and vlogs.

To date I’ve had my work featured on UPLIFT, Thought Catalog, Educate Inspire Amaze and Collective Evolution where I worked as a writer and external content manager for 7 years. I’m here to both connect with all of you and to hopefully get some of my newest content published on Ideapod since I believe that much of it is a great fit for the awesome platform that you’ve built (thank you Justin!).

If you’d like to get a feel for my writing you can check out one of my most popular articles/ vlogs of all time: 8 Brutally Honest Truths You Need To Hear If You Want To Get Your Shit Together

Happy to be here!


Hi Mark, pleased to meet you.

Do you have any articles for stable people? Something that a person like me, mid 70s, who views many things in the world differently then the current crop of youngsters.


Great to meet you too Bill, and I love the request! The best possible source would be to scan through the articles section of my website here, but beyond that a specific piece that comes to mind that you may enjoy is:

20 People Share The Experience That Changed Their Life More Than Any Other


20 People… I see they are mostly children (nice touch listing gender/age) in some emotional peril. I will look at your site next.

Well Mark, you should feel right at home here on Ideapod. :grin:


@markdenicola great to meet you and welcome!

Looking forward to checking out the articles you’d like to publish. You can do that via our Contribute page here: https://ideapod.com/contribute

Are there any particular articles we’ve published that have stuck in your mind?


Thanks Justin! I’ll definitely be contributing in the next week or two, and hope to do so with regularity from there. In terms of existing Ideapod articles that stand out, some that I’ve read more recently that come to mind are the one that included the Ted Talk with the poet about how to change your life, and the one about the power in saying “I don’t know.”


Nice to know @markdenicola! I created the “I don’t know” video while I was with @ruda in Brazil. He’s someone to check out on Ideapod, regularly contributing articles and much more. I’m interested to create a bit of a writer’s community here where we address various important issues, together exploring the ideas shaping the world we live in. So it’s great to have another writer in the midst.


Awesome, I’ll be sure to check out more of @Ruda 's work! And I’m all for creating a writer’s community that tackles content of that nature. Really looking forward to being a part of this!


What are the demographics of your target audience?


I’d say that the primary demographic is those aged 25-54 with a particular interest in self-help/ personal development -with the style of my writing/ presentation at times probably better connecting with those in the lower half of that age bracket. But a great deal of my content, especially when I delve into my experience with anxiety, tends to connect with a more mature audience generally.


I must say after watching one of your videos I got the impression there’s a lot of maturity, nuance and humility behind what you do. Looking forward to learning more.


@markdenicola Happy to meet you here in the Ideapod community. Collective Evolution is perhaps the reason I found Ideapod as it was the first conscious media I’ve encountered and it just broadened horizons for me and taught me how to rise above an ego-centric point of view and observe things neutrally. I couldn’t be more thankful for that!


Hey @Presley happy to be connected to you on here as well, and that CE helped to lead you to Ideapod. They are both great platforms! :slight_smile:


Hi Mark!

Thanks to Justin, I got my articles out there and he gave me confidence to launch my own blog similar to The Power of Ideas but a lot more… far out. :wink:

Do you have your own blog?

Would love to connect with you in the future. :wink:


@boonnhem, your articles still get a lot of traffic from time to time. Do you want to me to add a one-liner at the bottom of each article linking to your new site? If so, let me know.


Oh yes! That will be nice! :wink:


Hi @boonnhem!

Awesome to connect with you on here as well, and I’m happy to hear that Justin helped you with both exposure and gaining the needed confidence! I just checked out the quick piece on the 5 writers that nailed depression on the head on your far out website :wink:, and I’m definitely going to check out more soon!

I do have my own blog, feel free to check it out whenever you get a chance :slight_smile: - https://www.mark-denicola.com/

Always more than happy to connect, so never hesitate to reach out!


Hi Mark,
@justinbrown recommend me to check see this conversation and now I understand why. Your article and video are so good! It goes straight to the point, telling uncomfortable but necessary truths. The web is really needing more authenticity and deepness, and you are contributing to bring it.
I’m just a Brazilian Shaman spending most in of my time in the rainforest. Justin Brown have been doing a great job pushing me to speak my thoughts to a broader audience. I think you came to the right place. Welcome to Ideapod!
Thank you,


Thank you @Ruda! I appreciate the kind words from you as well. And I love how casual you made being a Brazilian Shaman spending the most of your time in the rainforest LOL That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me! Justin really has been doing a great job here at Ideapod and I hope we get to know each other and our work even better over time :slight_smile:


ok…so it used to be I would be the first to welcome new friends to the Ideapod community LOL

now I am watching this new realm develop and seeing the #whoswho rekindle with a new spirit with the likes of you Mark…


PS Just read your article which is right on target and was pleasantly surprised to see the quote from Charles Eisenstein… I just spent a week with him and a small group exploring his ideas.