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Thanks @Eleprocon! I’m happy to be here and to hear that it is positively contributing to the invigoration of this awesome online community!

I also appreciate you taking the time to check out the article :slight_smile: That’s awesome that you recently got to spend time with Charles in that setting! I had the opportunity to interview him in 2015 so I really began to familiarize myself with his work from that point forward since I found him quite fascinating.


That’s really interesting @markdenicola.

An article I’d love to publish would be exploring some of Charles Eisenstein’s ideas. I’ve heard a lot about him from @eleprocon and others, and plan to read some of the essays on his site. If you feel inspired to write about him in some way, it would be very interesting.


Hi Mark and a belated welcome. I’ve only had time to check out the 8 Brutally honest truths article but it’s a clear and fresh take on some evergreen life lessons.
I always find myself confused by the risk one though. I guess we are not talking about jump out of a plane without a paracute, suicidally stupid risk? How much risk is good risk?
Good to have you here and I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Hey Phil,

Thank you for the belated welcome, I’m happy to be here! And I appreciate you taking the time to go through the 8 brutally honest truths piece.

In regards to the one related to risk, it’s definitely not intended to promote everyone becoming the next Evel Knievel but to instead recognize the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Funny enough I would actually consider myself rather risk averse, but with an openness to explore the unknown when I know I’m either being limited by not exploring it or I’m letting mind stories hold me back from something I know would be good for me to address :slight_smile:


We owe our existence to risk, even our AI children will agree. The first DNA that hauled itself out of the slime some 4 billion years ago took a perilous path and may be currently wondering, was it worth the effort? We will not know until we meet some other neighbors in the universe so we can compare notes. That may be a bit too risky if we fail such a test.