I'm Mike, Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy


(Michael Burke) #1

I’m Mike, Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

(Bill Ames) #2

Someone posted recently here about pain but neglected to say what kind of pain. Please provide more information.

(Justin Brown) #3

Nice to meet you @Mike. I second @BillAmes’s request. It would be nice to know more of who you are, perhaps some of the ideas you think are important in the modern day and age. Perhaps you could let us know what hypnotherapy is and why you practice it.

(Michael Burke) #4

Chronic physical and/or emotional pain Bill.
Pain signals that continue even after the cause of the pain has been treated and/or removed.
Typically, pain which traditional medicine practitioners tell the patient there is no more that can be done, you will have to learn to live with it, (it’s all in your head) e.g. IBS, FibroM,(shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, perfectionism) that type of thing.

(Bill Ames) #5

“Chronic physical and/or emotional pain”

Now that covers everything. Are you eliminating the medical practice as a solution? That would be helpful, those people, doctors and pill makers are expensive. There have been situations where people are told, you don’t have a physical problem, it is all in your mind. While that may be true we do not yet know what the “mind” is so no one can treat those type of problems at the source.

Do you have examples of people who were totally incapacitated by all kinds of pain and using whatever you do, were totally cured? Is this cure like the person in a wheelchair at a religious rally suddenly stands and shouts “I can walk!” Or is it more lengthy, taking years of whatever you do to rewire the mind of the pain sufferer?

Can you help people who have physical pain that can not be cured because the physical problem involves the wiring between nerves and the brain perceiving pain?

Is what you do something that can be learned so others can dispense it? I am sure if it were in the tool kit of all the major religions there would be billions of thankful people. Assuming what you do works, what are you doing to get the solution to the multitude of people in need?

(Michael Burke) #6

Just an introduction to the Who’s Who.