I'm Preslav and this is my #whoswho


Introducing yourself to people could be really an eye-opening experience. In my case a few times when I had to do it I said stuff that I later found I don’t particularly believe. Like this one time that I said that I’m an introvert. Well, I later found that every single person is an introvert and an extrovert, it really depends on your audience. At that time I thought I was an introvert because I didn’t really like how things were working in the office and my personal life and I got a bit distanced and reserved with people…but that didn’t make an introvert.

My name is Preslav, I’m from a beautiful place called Bulgaria. What brought me here is the concept of Ideapod and the need of conversations around the world around and within us, while meeting new people.

I would love to engage in discussions around consciousness, health (no fads!), spirituality, the self and any other topics similar to those.

I’m currently studying nutrition as it is a passion of mine and I really imagine myself helping other people reach levels beyond their limitations through food and coaching. In fact, I believe every single person should have a coach - not just a health coach but could be any kind of coach. Hmm, maybe that could be a good discussion - Do we need “coaches” in different areas in our lives as we have therapists and all kinds of doctors?

Now that I mentioned therapy, I would also like to share that recently I started psychotherapy and it is just…amazing. It hurts, but it works! It would be awesome to see any topics involving therapy.

Last, but not least I want to stress out the importance of having other people to connect to and speak about themes that you can’t find in mainstream media and thus recognize and relate to your tribe. It is of massive importance because in that way we change the collective consciousness.

Yours truly,


@Presley welcome to Ideapod! I appreciate everything you mentioned and look forward to Ideapod being that place as well. Thank you for opening up and being so willing to share. Introvert or not :wink:


Hi @Presley, thanks for sharing this #whoswho! It’s wonderful that you’ve found Ideapod. You’ve expressed so well what this place is all about.

We have so many articles exploring the themes you’ve mentioned. For now, the best way to find them is to google a topic then put Ideapod at the end… For example: “hypnosis ideapod”. Soon we’ll have an improved front page to make it easier to find different articles.

Over the last 3-4 years @Ruda has been my coach. However, our relationship has evolved and he’s more of a shaman, friend and business partner now. Check out his articles on Ideapod.

Also I recommend checking out @eleprocon’s dedicated page on Ideapod. He’s exploring similar themes as well - the evolution of human consciousness as we create more communication technologies, which in turn impacts the evolution of human consciousness.

For now - welcome! Very happy to be able to connect with you here.


Hi @Presley nice that you can open up so well


@Presley I just came across this article and remembered you were interested in nutrition:

Also @praise great to see you here. How long have you been around Ideapod for?


@Eleprocon Thank you for welcoming :slight_smile: I have browsed through your dedicated page and I can say that I had the feeling that I was wondering through your mind and thoughts. The photo of you with your head open describes it best :slight_smile: Looking forward to Ideapod-ing more!


@justinbrown Very happy to be able to connect with you here as well. Thank you for welcoming and for the provided tips. Also, thank you for the suggested article! Medicinal mushrooms and sacred mind-altering plants are something I’m willing to explore more as it is just a fascinating topic given that there is scientific evidence supporting these as a cure to many mental issues. Not to mention the incredible experiences so many people reported after taking ayahuasca.

I’ve read several articles written by @Ruda and I enjoyed every one of it. It must be amazing to have such a person as a coach :slight_smile: This also brings thoughts about having a mentor in my life. I don’t know why but I have a strong feeling I need one.

Once again thank you and looking forward to experience Ideapod :slight_smile:


@praise Thank you for your words :slight_smile:

I’m curious to learn more about you and what brought you here.

Let the idea-throwing experience begin :slight_smile:


Love it all! Also, keep an eye out for when Out of the Box open again. I think you’ll like it.