I'm Saikat here's my who's who


I go by the name, Saikat.
Really don’t know why I’m here. Right now, really tired. Just not physical fatigue. I just want that things could work out of their own, instead of making them work out. It’s really tiring, and I’m lost big time.
So, basically, that’s hi!


If you ask for something you need to provide more details, just saying fix it and all you get is a broken watch starts working. Perhaps it is not what you want, could it be what you need? Welcome.


Thank you for articulating your setting. Welcome. I think the fact that you are writing down your core struggle of the force moment , is an advanced way of confronting it. Cool name.


I’m not particular about what I want. Just peace of mind.
And, do I need this? I don’t think so.


Okay, if you say so. Thanks for the warm welcome.