Infinite Money Theorem


I was discussing this idea with my brother who’s a mechanical engineer. How to make infinite money? He said that it was an impossibility because the world’s wealth is tied up to the world’s resources and we don’t have infinite resources. That’s Economics 101: the science of scarce resources. He probably hasn’t even heard of derivatives, a purely speculative instrument that could dwarf the world’s entire GDP many times over. Because I asked him: if the root cause of many of the world’s problem is money, then why not tackle the problem of money first? As an Engineer, you need funds to create a building. You need funds to create a car or any invention or device. Money is the elephant in the room. And yet, from what I’ve noticed, nobody dares tackle this very obvious problem to begin with. We are often told: “Money is the root of all evil”. So if we could solve the issue of money then half of the problem is solved. The last time somebody attempted to solve it is through the University of Chicago’s Economics School. When they tried to make a mathematical formula called Black Scholes Equation. It is supposed to be an arbitrage technique designed not to lose money. But it failed eventually during the Russian debt crisis. After that, nobody has attempted to make a sequel or a follow up. I am the only who made a subsequent paper about it. Because I do believe that if we can find the formula for infinite money then we can solve at least half of the world’s problem (but not everything).