Introducing myself


I’m Chris , I live in Sacramento, I’m in my fifties, I spent most of my youth in martial arts play and ran my school for several years, looking back , I was compelled into martial play due to defense issues I had from a young age. When I got married and had kids, I left that world and have been a bricklayer since that time.
Through it all , from a young age I have always been compelled to map out meaning through higher learning
Though I have no formal education beyond high school, what I lack in education, I make up for in hubris and interest. :slight_smile:


I am always looking to engage minds in a conversation about my creative work. However most minds I encounter prefer the safety of their world, my world is the universe and everything in it or that can be in it. Hard to know which is which. I believe we exist to be creative so I try to get everyone doing such things. Step forward if you wish to participate.


Welcome, @Csmith! I’ve appreciated your contributions lately here in the discussions area. Nice to get a glimpse into your life.


Hi Guys,

My name is Alistair Roque. I work as a content writer in a BPO company in the Philippines. I sleep most of the time and when I’m awake people force me to write. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to share and gain more knowledge here.



Do you dream much when you sleep? Do you write fiction?


Hi! My name is Karin. I live in Norway, was born in Italy and grew up in Europe. Am 61 and still curious. Am grateful for the life I have lived, including all my mistakes and wrong choices. I love discussions and philosophy. I believe 1. never judge anyone unless you have gone a mile in their shoes 2. throw the first stone if you have never yourself sinned… I know, this sounds religious, but I believe one learns all one’s life and I am eclectic in my choice of what I believe in. Humility and a sense that everyone is fighting some battle is always good to remember. Be kind, you might need it yourself one day…
Alain de Botton is my latest “find”… on love:
I love reading Ideapods diverse input… :slight_smile:


Here’s an article we published recently that you may enjoy reading:


And do you like discussions on, say, AI or QED?