Introducing Rudá Iandé: My compatriot in this crazy journey of life



We’re getting ready to open up Out of the Box once again, and I’ve been thinking about what this movement means to me in my own life. I think it’s worth reflecting on and posting here.

Out of the Box is an online workshop created by Rudá Iandé, based on the shamanic teachings he’s been sharing with thousands of people over a two decade period.

I’m one of those very fortunate people to have been taught directly by Rudá. I met him five years ago in New York City. At the time I was a freshly minted entrepreneur having just quit my PhD in international political economy. My passion then as now was all about understanding how power operates in society and empowering people to challenge power structures, transforming the worlds they live in for the better.

It’s a pretty big and noble goal, but when I met Rudá I was really frustrated with myself and people around me. The business I was building had honourable aspirations but they weren’t being achieved. Nothing I did seemed good enough. I constantly compared myself to people I saw as more successful.

Yet I always pushed on, achieving enough success to continue with the struggle but never managing to take control of my life.

Fast forward to today and it’s difficult to put into the words the incredible transformation I’ve gone through. I’ve incorporated the key teachings of Rudá into how I live my life. I now have a completely different relationship with myself.

Now, it feels like I’m living the life of my dreams every single day. My relationships with friends and family deeply nourish me, and I’ve managed to leave behind previous toxic relationships. I now understand my purpose in life and have the clarity to live my life accordingly. When challenges come my way (and they do regularly), I have the inner resources to meet them head on.

If you were to look at my life from outside in, you may not notice all of the change. That’s because it’s been an experience created from inside out. Rudá has helped me to face up to the way I was living my life based on the expectations of others. He inspired me to connect with a place deep inside me, to live my life in relationship with a part of myself buried deep within.

I can’t possibly put this feeling into words. It’s something that can only be understood through direct experience. Rudá often talks about living a life of spontaneity, from the guts, from the where instinct and consciousness intersect. It’s probably a good way of describing it.

This way of living is needed now more than at any time in human history, in my humble opinion. We live in a world full of collective illusions that take people away from this deeper connection with themselves. We are constantly manipulated by the media. Our politicians don’t want us thinking for ourselves. Corporate elites create ideologies that justify them maintaining their hold on power. There are toxic relationships everywhere, where people with power manipulate others into believing things that maintain their power differential.

For a very long time, my mission has been to support people to wake up and adopt a different way of living that brings power back within. I believe Out of the Box is a movement in alignment with this mission.

Out of the Box is a nascent movement and it’s growing. It’s not just about Rudá’s teachings. You can find this way of living throughout society in many different forms.

As far as I can see, Out of the Box is one of the more effective programs that rapidly brings you into alignment with your deeper nature. It’s profound, magical, pragmatic and focused – all at the same time.

I hope you’ll explore the teachings of Rudá here on Ideapod and further afield. I’m very proud to have played a role in encouraging Rudá to embrace modern day technology in making his teachings available far beyond the people he can possibly reach one-on-one.