Iran - catalyst for global crisis?

(Bill Ames) #21

Perhaps if we consider under what circumstances a country with them would use them. There are countries that believe that destroying Israel is worth doing at any cost.

(ACD) #22

Israel can be trusted by its neighbors?

(Bill Ames) #23

I think so, they have been a good neighbor for a long time.

(ACD) #24

Do the Palestinians feel this way?

(Bill Ames) #25

This is a religious group with their own beliefs. There are many religious groups on the planet and it is unlikely we can make every one happy so it is better if we all make sure we have jobs, a roof, food, education, power, water, sewer and garbage disposal. Internet also. All religions can pray for direction but until that happens just live and get along.

(ACD) #26

The Palestinians are the people displaced by Israeli migration and are the victims of a decades-long Israeli genocide.

(Bill Ames) #27

the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

So, there must be a lot of images, videos of this. Where can they be found?

(ACD) #28

Start with this

(Bill Ames) #29

Very interesting. If all the people involved had nice homes, nice lives, they could argue out a solution on Facebook. Why don’t they all have nice homes and jobs?

(ACD) #30

Most people in the world do not.

(Bill Ames) #31

But the world would provide this to the people there just so they could have a place to live and discuss their problems. That is just common sense. If everyone is happy and their only problem is a religious belief they can work it out.

(ACD) #32

Religion is the least of their differences.

(Bill Ames) #33

If you do not have any problems living then all that is left is a religious problem. If all your material needs are met what is left?

(ACD) #34

That part of the world is not materially rich, much of it desert.

(Bill Ames) #35

It will be provided by the world as needed. If everyone is employed and fed and clean it will be a nice place to start talking. A small price for the world to pay.

(ACD) #36

This last statement is, to me, incoherent. Please explain. I understand that you are making a point about basic needs. How do you propose that this ideal world shall come to be?

(Bill Ames) #37

The big countries of the world will enter and build places for these people to live, give them jobs, initially building their new homes. They will train them in the necessary job skills. Food and temp housing and facilities will be provided. They will be so busy they will not have any time to worry about religious stuff. It is the best way to keep peace in that part of the world.

(ACD) #38

This is your proposal for world peace: redistribution?

(Bill Ames) #39

This is not world peace, it is just making the situation there manageable. Sort of like an insurance policy.

(ACD) #40

Assuming you viewed first film, now view this.